Element Labs Wins LDI, ESTA Awards

Posted on Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Element Labs won two major awards at LDI in Vegas. The Helix P1 – a flexible LED pixel string that can bend, wrap, drape, and fold – was named Best Debuting Projection Product at the show. The Versa RAY screen, used at the 15th Asian Games, earned an ESTA Rock Our World Award.

Helix P1 allows users to quickly deploy video over large spaces in creative ways. Coupled with flexible processing and RasterMAPPER software, individual strings are merged into one seamless video display. The snap-in diffuser accessory allows one to mount the Helix P1 to signage, scenery, or fabric.

The Rock Our World Awards were created to honor groundbreaking achievements, both products and projects. Out of more than 30 nominations, a screening panel narrowed the field to nine finalists, from which the Asian Games in Doha emerged as a winner. The Versa Ray Screen used at the games covered more than 45,000 sq. ft. In keeping with the circular structure of the Khalifa Stadium in Soha, the screen was also designed to be curved. It is 165m along the curve, reaching 39m at the highest point. It is comprised of 20,000 individual Versa Rays, which, laid end to end, would span more than 36 miles. A total of 762,000 individual LEDs were used, with a pixel pitch of 77mm.