Element Labs releases new SP2 Video Processor for STEALTH LED Display

Posted on Friday, February 5th, 2010

Element Labs, Inc., the award-winning global leader in LED technology, announced today the release of the SP2 Video Processor with several improvements over its predecessor, most notably: creative mapping capability and new 48/50/60 Hz frame rate modes. With a new SP2 Mapping Software Utility, users can rotate STEALTH panels upside-down or sideways to achieve even more creative screens. 48, 50, and 60 Hz DVI input modes allow STEALTH screens to be used in a wider film and television market.

“We have refined the STEALTH processing components to meet the unique requirements of our touring and creative architectural markets,” says Jeremy Hochman, VP Software Development for Element Labs. “Flexibility in panel arrangement has always been a priority for STEALTH users, and the new SP2 Video Processor delivers on expanding its flexibility. In addition, the SP2 is a 2U rack mount unit that actually replaces both the SP1 and DD1, so less equipment is needed to run a screen.”

After a dramatic debut on Madonna’s Confessions Tour in 2006, the STEALTH system quickly became the industry standard for lightweight, portable video displays. The STEALTH display has proven itself in applications throughout the world from concerts, architectural installations, special events, and more. The new SP2 Video Processor now further increases the STEALTH screen’s potential.