e:cue Lighting Control Introduces DMX2CC High Power LED Dimmers

Posted on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

e:cue lighting control – an Osram company, has unveiled DMX2CC dimmers for smooth and flicker- free dimming of high power LEDs. Using continuous current dimming method, DMX2CC dimmers enable control of 1W and 3W LEDs via a DMX control unit.

Available in six-channel and twelve-channel versions, these devices feature a self-diagnostic test function preventing damage to the unit and LEDs caused by incorrect wiring, open or short circuit, and overheating.

A DMX out port repeats and amplifies the DMX signal for convenient daisy chaining in projects where one DMX input signal must be distributed among several of these devices. DMX2CC is easily set up with auto and manual DMX addressing modes, and conveniently mountable inside equipment racks using standardized 35mm wide DIN rail.

In addition to the DMX2PWM dimmer and the DMX2DALI interface, the DMX2CC dimmer adds yet another layer to e:cue lighting control’s hardware portfolio. Ideal for providing intelligent control to unintelligent high powered LEDs, this open-architecture interface is suited for use in installations of only a few fixtures or as an OEM component for hundreds.

Australian distributor: ULA Group www.ulagroup.com