e:cue Lighting Control Debuts VMC DMX

Posted on Thursday, April 29th, 2010

e:cue Lighting Control makes video-to -light installations easier than ever with its debut Video Micro Converter DMX (VMC DMX). The compact device converts DVI source to DMX512 protocol for control of creative LED media installations.

One VMC grabs video signals of up to 4096 pixels from a DVI source and converts them to DMX channels, while multiple VMCs can be daisy-chained to convert an entire video via DVI signal for projects requiring more than 4096 pixels. The VMC features very flexible pixel mapping capabilities for demanding LED installations ranging from a few hundred to one million pixels.

Each VMC has an internal active DVI signal booster for repeating and boosting the DVI signal when multiple VMCs are clustered to control video installations greater than 4096 pixels. A default image file can be uploaded onto the VMC, using a PC, for display in the event of video input loss. Specific layout of lighting fixtures in a project is customized using e:cue’s Patchelor software tool. Custom matrix or curvilinear-shaped LED screens are mapped using the software for precise video lighting installations.

The company states that VMC DMX is an ideal solution for lighting professionals who want to simply use video from DVD players, computers, and various other DVI sources, to display them on creative LED media installations.

Australian Distributor: ULA www.ulagroup.com