e:cue debuts standalone DMX controller

Posted on Monday, July 27th, 2009

e:cue lighting control – An Osram company, has introduced light-drive elite, its first standalone DMX controller and user interface for dynamic RGB LED lighting that does not require software programming. Users can easily control intensity, colour, and speed as well as setup their favourite colour-changing effects through light-drive elite’s glass interface with touch-sensitive keys and touch wheel, says the company.

Jan Julius Miebach, e:cue’s managing director for product strategy, said, “We designed this product to allow end-users to experience dynamic lighting as well create dynamic lighting scenes themselves. We specifically paid great attention to the user interaction with the device as well its aesthetic design.”

The glassy interface features an LED ring around the touch wheel to guide users in selecting and adjusting colours, intensity, and speed as well as select four colours for graceful colour-changing lighting scenes. light-drive elite does not require software to program it at all and it is easily connected to fixtures through an RJ45 connection for power and data, outputting directly DMX.

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