e24 Hot Power Touring Dimmer Offers 24 Channels of Free Power Distribution

Posted on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

LSC Lighting Systems introduce the world’s first high spec Touring System with 24 channels of combined power distribution and high quality dimming with Active Triac Control. Virtually any load you want, all from the one box.

The optional 24 ways of HOT POWER(TM) is completely independent from the dimmer circuitry and is ideal for plugging up your Moving Lights, Strobes, Practicals and any other loads that require straight mains power. This new Patent Pending technology dynamically distributes the power to the appropriate patch output as required thereby making the e24 one of the most versatile dimming and power distribution systems on the market today.

Alongside the HOTPOWER(TM) option the e24 includes: 24 channels of 13A dimming which is 100% duty cycle, LSC’s unique Active Triac Control (ATC(TM)) circuitry and Current Control Technology (CCT(TM)), giving users the ability to drive virtually any reactive or inductive load seamlessly and avoid the nuisance tripping of MCB’s normally caused by Inrush currents. Along with the option to include LSC’s ‘Houston’ (Remote Monitoring Software) and ePlates (remote wall stations) to externally record and recall memories, e24 V2 HOTPOWER gives users complete control of their dimming system. The e24 has an extensive patch field, auxiliary power output circuits, mains distribution and professional flight case.


Source: LSC media release