DTS Releases new RA7 Head Full Colour LED Projector

Posted on Monday, May 3rd, 2010

RA 7 HEAD FULL COLOUR is a compact LED projector ideal for lighting and colouring objects and surfaces with a homogeneous projection. It is designed either for fixed or mobile installations, either indoor or outdoor, and is complete with an adjustable bracket for fitting on walls or other supports.

RA 7 HEAD FULL COLOUR is ideal in range of applications, including clubs, restaurant, stands, public and commercial spaces, museums, exhibitions, buildings, monuments, etc.

It is a modern alternative to conventional compact light sources, offering a new approach to architectural lighting in terms of light quality, flexibility of use and installation, energy savings and component duration. 
The power consumption of the built-in LED’s is lower than that of normal light sources, and it is proportional to the luminous intensity emitted.

The LED’s generate extremely saturated colours with no need for additional filters (with a higher yield of W/Lumen), and don’t emit infrared or ultraviolet radiation.

The use of LED’s solid-state technology allied with the extreme robustness of the assembly allows RA 7 HEAD FULL COLOUR to be used in fixed or temporary applications calling for levels of reliability and durability that cannot be achieved with traditional compact projectors.
The effective lifespan of the LED’s is about 100,000 hours in normal operating conditions, and the quality of light emission remains constant over time, with a drastic reduction in installation operation and maintenance costs.

RA 7 HEAD FULL COLOUR can be remotely powered by a choice of Z-series external power suppliers / controllers.
Ample networks of interconnected RA 7 HEAD FULL COLOUR projectors can be created, with up to 32 units for each network.
RA 7 HEAD FULL COLOUR units can also be remote-controlled using the USITT DMX 512 standard digital communication protocol.

RA 7 HEAD FULL COLOUR is constructed in corrosion-proof aluminium and steel offering high resistance to mechanical stress and to atmospheric agents.
RA 7 HEAD FULL COLOUR guarantees a full level of IP65 protection against infiltrations of solids and liquids, allowing it to be used safely both indoors and outdoors.

RA 7 HEAD FULL COLOUR light source consists in 15 x 3 W Full Colour P5 LED’s.
The Full Colour LED’s guarantee high-quality colour mixing (significantly superior to conventional light sources and other systems using normal LED’s). Colour synthesis takes place in fact inside every single LED, capable of independently generating up to 16 million colours.

The RA 7 HEAD FULL COLOUR light source is able therefore to project a perfectly uniform beam of light onto surfaces, no matter what colour is used.
Luminosity at 2 m, with spot lenses, is 1288 Lux.

Colour temperature can also be regulated with linear variations between 2800°K and 6500°K, passing progressively from warmer tones to cooler ones.
Three interchangeable lens fittings are available: Spot, Medium Flood and Wide Flood. These three lenses offer different aperture angles for the light beam, always ensuring constantly regular and uniform projection on surfaces, and also allow RA 7 HEAD FULL COLOUR to be used at varying distances from the surfaces to be coloured.