DreamPix Tubes feature at Monash Carols

Posted on Thursday, December 21st, 2017

The magic of Christmas is captured under the stars each December at Jells Park, where the community comes together to enjoy the Monash Carols by Candlelight Concert. Now in its 29th year, this celebration has become the City’s most prestigious event, which has a strong sense of community and involves the invaluable work of volunteers.

The event was a perfect opportunity for production provider Nextgen to show off their new DreamPix Tubes which enable them to create amazing effects. For this event, CLS constructed some octagon shaped frames to hold the DreamPix Tubes resulting in spectacular Christmas stars.

“We purchased 72 DreamPix Tubes for a point of difference and because they offer us limitless creativity,” said Guy McGregor, director of Nextgen. “With so many DreamPix we decided to run them off a media server otherwise we would have ended up with something like 15,000 channels of DMX.”

The DreamPix Tubes feature an easy-to-use ArtNet interface that works flawlessly with popular industry standard pixel mapping tools.

“They’re very bright and punchy so you can see them clearly during daylight,” added Guy. “I also like that they are double-sided; that’s really useful in our line of work where you often work with 360° displays.”

Also visible in the photographs are Nextgen’s Nitec Litebar Hg strip lights (one metre Hex-colour RGBAW+UV LED strip light with 3 independently controllable segments) zig-zagging along the top of the stage and their ShowPro LED Flood Hex36 fixtures.

“The Hex36’s are fantastic, we have twenty but would be more than happy to buy another twenty as they’re going out on nearly every single job,” commented Guy. “They’re just so versatile and were great on the truss because you need lots of even levels of light for Carols.”

With a 22degree beam this wash light will light up buildings, walls or will work equally as well indoors in marquees or as a massive stage wash.