Damien Cooper relies on MAC TW1’s for Broadway production

Posted on Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

An Australian production of Exit the King is taking Broadway by storm. Directed by Neil Armfield, the play stars Geoffrey Rush and Susan Sarandon.

The all-star Australian design team includes Dale Ferguson (Set & Costume), Damien Cooper (Lighting), and Russell Goldsmith (Sound) with John Rodgers as the Composer.

Whilst the theatre and the country might all be foreign to talented lighting designer Damien Cooper at least he can count on the familiarity of the lighting gear by choosing Martin MAC TW1s! This time Damien has opted for ten Martin MAC TW1 with the narrow lenses as the only moving lights in his rig.

“Martin TW1’s are the perfect theatre moving light,” commented Damien. “The narrow lens tube option gives a pure narrow shaft of incandescence. The colour system captures all the lighter tints that I like to work with. I look forward to future incandescent moving fixtures from Martin, maybe an incandescent MAC2000 performer?”

Damien’s rig also features heaps of theatrical analogue fixtures as well eight Martin Atomic Strobes which are used for the chase sequence in Exit the King.

“Geoffrey Rush’s line just after the chase is what the fuck was that?” said Damien. “It’s a very apt way of describing the power and sudden shock that these strobes bring to the stage!”