D.T.S. Launch their new XR300 Beam

Posted on Friday, January 29th, 2010

The XR300 BEAM is a new compact moving head with an extremely high light power, projecting a parallel and very concentrated beam.

With its new optical unit, the XR300 BEAM generates 125.000 Lux at 5 metres, using only a 300 W lamp, giving an exceptional balance between performance and power consumption.

The XR300 BEAM is designed for a wide range of professional applications, like concerts, shows, tours, television, theatre, and big events. XR300 BEAM ensures in fact great flexibility in use, because in a single projector it incorporates a range of functions normally available only on different units (long-throw projectors with high-power lamps, PAR 64 ACL, moving heads).

The XR300 BEAM features a breakthrough in moving-head technology, dubbed Free Axis Rotation (“FAR”). The FAR system allows limitless pan and tilt rotation: the XR300 BEAM head rotates freely on its axes, horizontally or vertically, without interruption, in either direction, never having to reverse motion.

The XR300 BEAM’s ability to quickly and precisely select any BEAM’s point within its limitless sphere of movement means faster looks and scene changes.

The XR300 BEAM also offers unmatched creative control to the lighting designer. Unique geometrical designs, shapes, and scenes, unobtainable with conventional moving heads, are now possible for application in concerts, theatres, studios, etc.

The FAR system is guaranteed and has been thoroughly tested.

The XR300 BEAM offers:

Exceptional light power (125.000 Lux at 5 metres)
The capacity to project a highly condensed and intense beam of light even over great distances, thanks to the high efficiency of the new optical group;
Variety of colours (CMY synthesis + 7-colour wheel + CTO);
Customizable gobo wheel (7 rotating gobos);
Insertable frost filter (soft edge)
Unlimited Pan and Tilt movements (new FAR technology).

The XR300 BEAM is also the ideal light for a vast range of applications in which quiet operation is a priority, thanks to its silent ventilation system and silent pan/tilt operation.

Access to every feature of the internal menu is simple and direct, thanks to the new user interface featuring a LCD backlit graphic display (128 x 64).

At the recent PLASA trade show in London, the new XR300 BEAM by D.T.S. was announced as the winner of the PLASA09 Award for Innovation.

“We are honoured to receive this prize, as it confirms the extraordinary growth of D.T.S. over the last years, marked by the creation of unique products, such as the DELTA series LED projectors and the XR2000 series high-power moving heads” said Franco Zaghini, VP of Sales of D.T.S., who received the PLASA09 Award on behalf of the entire D.T.S. staff.  The award ceremony took place on Monday, 14 September.