Creative Productions for GEM

Posted on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017







Internationally renowned artist GEM is touring Australia and Creative Productions provided one hell of a lighting rig in the ICC Sydney Theatre.

The system featured nearly two hundred fixtures from TLC Global, Robe, GLP and more:

16 x Robe BMFL’s
46 x GLP GT-1’s
48 x Extreme Beams
42 x Tour Pro Storms
24 x GLP X4 Bar 20’s
8 x GLP X4L’s
10 x Molefay 8 Lights
MDG and Robe Hazers

The show was run from a full size MA2 console with a light as a full tracking backup with additional processing with an MA2 network processing unit. The entire show was distributed with streaming ACN to 10 x TLC Global DMX nodes that provide 4 x universes to each truss using “Sneaky Snake” adapters.

Prior to the show, Creative Productions invested heavily in infrastructure with new cabling systems centred around socapex. The new cabling works in tandem with the twelve new LSC GEN VI dimmer and distribution units. These are fitted with socapex outputs saving time and ensuring good connections to the fixtures out in the room. The GEN VI units are able to select individual channels as dimmers or hot power.