Creative Lighting & Audio purchase more RUSH fixtures in time for Vivid

Posted on Friday, June 3rd, 2016

ConMusic Creative Lighting & Audio took delivery of 24 x Martin RUSH MH6 Washes and 8 x RUSH MH3 Beams (to add to the four they already own) just in time for the illumination madness that is VIVID Sydney 2016. Creative worked with lighting designer Mark Hammer on two installations The Con In A New Light and Electric Garden.

The RUSH MH6 were immediately deployed to The Con In A New Light, an innovative installation which was projected onto the façade of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music for the first weekend of the festival. At the edge of the Botanical Gardens, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music shone brightly thanks to RUSH MH6.

The work consisted of colour changing LED light and gobo projection of break-up patterns formed from circular designs of the woodwind patterns. Blues and pinks, the colours of Vivid Sydney 2016, merged and melted with the colours of the Conservatorium, creating a gentle moving ambiance that featured the façade.

Managing Director of Creative Lighting & Audio Andre Kecskes said the RUSH MH6 were situated outside for three days and that they Capture2worked very nicely!

“We used the zoom effect and some very nice slow movement,” he said. “They were great and I look forward to using them a lot more. They are already booked up for some corporate jobs.”

Mark Hammer was equally impressed with the performance of the RUSH MH6.Capture1

“The RUSH MH6 were great,” he added. “They have a really nice zoom, are very punchy and the colours were fantastic. I was extremely happy with them.”

The RUSH MH3 powerful beam moving head was ideal for the Electric Garden install due to its’ intense and narrow long-throw beam for spectacular mid-air looks and effects. Electric Garden sees the usually serene and formal Royal Botanic Garden changed into surprisingly bold nightlife.

As darkness falls the transformation begins: gentle slopes become electric grids, sweeping shafts of light directing attention from the path deep into the foliage.  All around patterns and moveme nts dance across the trees; elsewhere RBG2bursts of colour splash and dazzle and ripple across the lawns.

Out in the elements for the full four weeks, albeit in protective domes, the RUSH MH3 have been performing flawlessly.

“They not only provide strong beam lights for the sky but also at ground level,” explained Andre. “Buying Martin products is always good because you get great service back up from Show Technology.”

Mark remarked that the RUSH MH3’s are cool little lights that are bright, punchy and worked perfectly for what he wanted.