Cooper Controls Launch LightFactory Version 2 Software

Posted on Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Version 2 brings major changes to the underlying software engine, increasing the power of the software and providing a more sophisticated operating platform for future releases, the company says, adding that, utilizing a host of Ethernet, USB and software accessories, LightFactory offers the power of any lighting desk from a familiar user interface.

The launch of Version 2 also brings a host of new features and a new aesthetic design, providing a more intuitive and powerful set of tools for the user. Key additions:

A new fixture library engine provides a hybrid of 100 percent dynamic fixture and generic fixture control and inherits almost 2,000 fixtures from the Zero 88 library. This means that LightFactory handle complex fixtures with any number of attributes, and can also control fixtures of multiple types in an abstract fashion. For example setting a zoom of 30deg can be done on any fixture and the software will work out if it’s possible to achieve this.

Special attribute controls including a rotation tool that can control gobos or effects and display them in RPM and direction, XYZ positioning for media servers and camera control and HSI coluor mixing.

A new advanced color heuristics system for multi-colour fixtures. This system allows you to select multiple fixtures all with different colour-mixing systems and apply a selected color with optimal output — e.g., the X7, by Selador, which offers seven channels for colour mixing.

Version 2 also adds multi language support, new enhanced fan control offers options to fan most attribute types in a touch-screen-friendly interface, enhanced dimmer patching screen with large number of fields of data it can track and more user-friendly ways of seeing what is already patched and where, built-in DMX merge function for integrating LightFactory into an existing control environment, and an astronomical clock now included with the scheduler.