Coolux Presents New Pandoras Box Tools

Posted on Friday, April 8th, 2011

coolux GmbH, manufacturer of the award winning Pandoras Box system, will present four new software tools at the upcoming Prolight + Sound and NAB trade fairs.

The four tools represent a major workflow simplification in several areas and will be added to the existing Pandoras Box Software suite. The tools include:

1. The Pandoras Box Image Converter .Many operators find themselves being handed an ever-greater variety of picture data with different sizes. The Image Converter can recalculate images prior to them being used, in order to maximize the overall system’s performance efficiency. It also offers high performance batch conversions and can turn image sequences into video files.

2. The Pandoras Box Dome Master This tool is a spherical map converter that allows the conversion of dome master files to spherical map files, making it an essential tool for the dome content production workflow, the company says. Its sub-pixel accuracy allows optimum image sharpness for large scale projections. It processes up to 8K files.

3. The Pandoras Box Splitter With the splitter, one can create files for panoramic projections and/or dome projections. The splitter allows users to render out the individual split files needed for individual projectors. The Splitter can also batch image sequences and export video files.

4. The NEW Pandoras Box Matrix Patcher With the new Matrix Patcher, users can work with patches up to Full HD resolution and can set up individual fixtures in a variety of sizes. The new Matrix Patcher allows the patching of matrixes that can mix e.g. moving lights and LED fixtures, which can also be individually rotated and scaled. The new Matrix Patcher comes with an extensive fixtures library.
Australian distributor: Show Technology