coolux Pandora’s Box for the ICC

Posted on Monday, November 20th, 2017

Featuring a striking contemporary design, leading technology and multipurpose spaces, the ICC Sydney Theatre has certainly made its’ mark on the entertainment scene.

The venue offers visitors a five star experience, starting at the entrance which features an 250sqm, high definition digital screen affectionately called ‘The Birdsmouth’ by venue staff. The name is derived from the unusual multi-faceted shape of the LED surface that was not simple to install and get running.

With the south face and west face of the screen on different angles, it was a mammoth task for Big Screen Projects who custom built the LED panels. In fact the last panel took 100 man hours to install!

“It’s actually three separate faces of LED,” added Jamie Centofanti of Big Screen Projects. “One faces 45 degrees and one 55 degrees; they have to meet up in the corners and then marry up with the screen in the ceiling above them. It was incredibly difficult to install and map.”

Content is provided by a couple of coolux Pandora’s Box media players. The ICC digital signage team create content then load it up to the Pandora system which takes care of all the warping and masking. As the LED surface is three dimensional it is not a simple case of flowing content to the screens, perspective needs to be taken into account. A 3D map allows the digital signage team to walk clients through how best to supply content and ensure the content was rendered to the screens in the best possible way.