Coolux AirScan brings a touch of magic to ENTECH CONNECT

Posted on Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Visitors to the Show Technology stand at ENTECH CONNECT 2012 were drawn to the backdrop of Martin EC Series LED panels that appeared to be controlled by magic!

The screen content was motion controlled thanks to the coolux AirScan which adds a new dimension to interactive multimedia display and presentation solutions.

The coolux AirScan system combined with the Widget Designer PRO allows for touch free interactivity. They offer the opportunity to interact with digital content in ways not possible with traditional displays. The AirScan control interfaces allow for custom design and integration of interactive displays that let users navigate menu based multimedia presentations in any environment.

As part of a Pandoras Box Playback solution, full HD video presentations can be controlled from any distance and projected onto any sized screen with no mouse or pointing device required. In much the same way, you can turn just about any surface from a wall to a glass into a multi-touch interactive experience using the coolux family of products.

The coolux AirScan allows up to 24 touch points with large surface scanning of up to 10x20m screen size.

“I thought that the coolux AirScan was the most impressive piece of kit at ENTECH CONNECT,” remarked Marcus Pugh, Business Development Manager at Resolution X. “I was certainly impressed with the flexibility of the system and how easily it was integrated to the screen. It looked and worked like something out of Minority Report!”

“The technology is exciting and complimentary to our inventory and services – I suspect in the not too distant future you can ask me where we have been using it, rather than what I think about its potential,” commented Michael Jankie of Event Equipment. “The AirScan solves a major technological gap for us – how we supply a touch-screen display larger than the 65″ screens we have in stock. With an AirScan we can now use our seamless 46″ LCD screens to make a 184″ diagonal – 4.1m x 2.3m – touchscreen. Now that’s a big touchscreen! We are looking at a number of innovative concepts with our Exhibition & Events clients that involve using AirScan technology – watch this space!””

“The coolux AirScan is a really cool toy,” said Clint Dulieu, Lighting Designer for Village Roadshow Theme Parks. “It was good to see hands-on some of the capabilities of the coolux software in terms of interfacing with other technology to create interactive and integrated media.

Vince Haddad, Show Technology’s Technical Director says, “coolux’s AirScan have made a very complex series of control processes as simple as possible. This is the key point of difference for AirScan. This is truly cool piece of kit and we are waiting to see how the market will ultimately use this in the event and production space.”