Coolangatta Hotel lights up

Posted on Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

The iconic Coolangatta Hotel has received a much awaited make-over, transforming the venue into a chic beachside setting and making it part of the modern day Coolangatta streetscape. The once dark and disjointed venue is now an open air space with indoor/outdoor bar and dining areas, live entertainment spaces, a night club, a pool room, a sports bar, as well as TAB and gaming facilities.

JVG Sound Lighting & Visual were responsible for lighting, audio and visuals in the venue. JVG’s General Manager, Jade Golar, states “The install was done over three months, with a big team of guys doing long hours. It was done in three stages; the gaming room and Cuddy’s Bar and Nightclub first and then the public bar, bistro, tab followed by the live venue upstairs.”

Lighting in Cuddy’s Bar consists of 2 White and 8 Black Robe ColorSpot 170ATs, which are controlled via a touch screen running the E:Cue Programmer through the E:Cue Twilight Excite DMX to PC interface. Golar states that 170’s were selected for Cuddy’s Bar because, “In parts there are low ceilings, so we needed a small fixture that could provide high output. The 170’s have a tidy profile, nice clean beam and great output for a 150W fixture”. E:Cue has been used to set up pre-programmed profiles to allow the lights to be used to create different moods in the bar depending on the event or time of day.

The public bar also has moving lights in the form of four iMove 250 Spots and four iMove 250 washes as well as twelve SDV PAR56 stubbies. Golar states that the iMove’s were selected for this part of the venue as “they provide a very versatile, low cost moving light option”. The iMove’s are required to serve several functions, including wash for the whole venue, various looks for bands and dj’s, and general stage lighting for functions and presentations. Twenty presets have been programmed to enable the bar staff to change the lighting through the touch of a button.

The hotel has extensive feature lighting throughout all sections of the venue. JVG worked closely with the architect on this aspect, creating lighting effects that provide a warm and inviting feel throughout the venue. In the Public Bar, the front bar is lit with Acme ColorFusion LED Strip and the ice wells behind the bar are filled with IP68 rated Anolis Outdoor 6 RGB LED. The gaming area, which includes its own bar and lounge, features a fiberoptic star ceiling and Anolis Micro LED RGB strips in all cove ceilings with Anolis Micro 270 transformers.

The revitalization of the Coolangatta Hotel has been the largest audiovisual install on the southern Gold Coast, and has truly helped re-establish the Coolangatta Hotel as a premier entertainment venue.