Connections Nightclub gets balls!

Posted on Friday, November 6th, 2009


Perth-based Lux Events recently took delivery of thirty-six Pro Shop LED Balls 500mm with the intention of installing them into Connections Nightclub. However prior to the installation, the LED Balls were given a run for their money at the West Coast Eagles Gala Auction where they were positioned as a tiered chandelier in the middle of the room.

The guys at Lux Events decided that the LED Balls were the perfect thing for temporary or permanent decorative looks at corporate events or dance parties. Utilizing Tri-Colour LED technology, the 500mm sphere is super bright and saturated whilst remaining even across its surface. It features direct DMX and power connection reducing setup times making it perfect for that little bit of colour theming you have to do for the next show of yours. You can even think of it as an innovative piece of signage with the application of some stick on signs, you would have a real head turner.

But the LED Balls were promised to Connections Nightclub and so the events team had to say farewell and wish them well in their new home where they have continued to delight.

”We are running grandMA on PC with a playback wing and the LED balls are pixel-mapped from the grandMA with a MA Node 2,” explained Glen Hunter, Creative Director at Lux Events. “We’ve only just retired the previous control desk – an MA Scancommander! It’s amazing that it’s still going and has served us so well – a real testament to the brand. A matrix arrangement in an inverted pyramid design works in nicely with the LED balls interspersed through a large cluster of mirror-balls.”