Connections loses its balls but adds more sparkle

Posted on Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Western Australia’s premiere gay and lesbian nightspot Connections in Perth has had some extra flash and bling installed into their nightclub courtesy of Lux Events.

Alex Moffat, Operations Manager/Production Manager for Lux, was asked to design something completely different after the venue’s infamous Pro Shop LED Balls installation.

Now Connections can boast twelve Martin MX10s, eight Pro Shop LED Fusion Bars, eight GLP Volkslicht LED yoke fixtures, a Look Solutions Unique hazer, a MA Lighting MA on PC with a 2 Port node 1024 channels, and six Pro Shop LED Flex in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.

The truss design is based on the old Atari Symbol with the LED flex used to highlight the truss whilst the LED fixtures are used as truss warmers.

The Martin MX10s have been placed on dropper bars to give extra dimension to the rig.

“Being a nightclub they prefer to use moving mirrors as they are a lot quicker than moving heads,” explained Alex.

The MX10s were used in the previous design and Gavin Kingsbury, venue manager, is very happy with them.

“They are a very reliable unit that suit the club and they have required minimal service in the four years they have been used at Connections,” he said.

Lighting operators Drew Green and Roscoe Holyoake asked Alex to come up with something new to use as a back drop for the DJ box. Alex decided that the Fusion bar would create a fantastic backdrop for Connections to use for shows and in a normal club environment.

Pro Shop LED Fusion Bars offer the latest in Tricolour technology eliminating the usual chromatic shadowing and ensuring an even spread of colour upon the illuminated surface. Colour outputs are super bright and highly saturated. There are a number of DMX modes selectable to allow full controllability or simple reduced channel format, even to the extent that each single pixel can be controllable to allow for dynamic chases and even pixel mapping displays.

“The Fusion Bars are very punchy and with 20 pixels to control you can pull off some amazing looks,” commented Alex Moffat. “We had to upgrade the 512 2 port node to 1024 2 port node to accommodate the Fusion Bars and to get maximum potential out of them.”

To add to the design, Alex installed eight GLP Volkslicht LED yoke fixtures which add some nice beams to use in addition to break up gobo’s from the MX10s. The GLP Volkslicht is ideal for club and bar installs; by using 60 of the Luxeon Rebel LED’s as well as including much more traditional pan and tilt motor systems the cost has been reduced significantly.

“The GLP Volkslicht’s have a nice tight beam, and you are able to create some amazing colours from the RGB fixture,” he said. “They are compact and very light weight. These were added to the design for production shows as well as to use in the normal club environment.”