Conference winner gets his prize

Posted on Thursday, March 11th, 2010

At the 2009 Drama Australia conference, Andrew Murrell of De La Salle College in Malvern, reached his hand into the Lightmoves ‘Dip or No Dip’ case like many teachers before him. But unlike all the teachers before him, Andrew was lucky enough to pull out the ticket with the major prize – a full copy of LSC’s Clarity lighting control software. Recently, Lightmoves’ Peter Gray and LSC’s Richie Mickan visited Andrew to deliver the prize, install the software and a give a quick tutorial.

LSC Clarity is a powerful PC-based lighting and media control package that will have even the most experienced lighting operator intrigued. The software is a replacement for traditional lighting desks, allowing for control of all stage lights including LED’s and moving lights.

De La Salle College currently have their own drama space, but as it is shared between the Drama Department and the Music Department as well as being used for Dance and Personal Development classes, it is more of a multi-purpose hall than a theatre. With Andrew recently being promoted as the school’s Head of Drama, an expansion of the performing art space – as well as the drama and theatre studies curriculum – is very high on his priority list. The school has a long history with the Rock Eisteddfod and various other music and dance programs, as well as performing an annual musical in conjunction with Sacre Coeur girl’s school. Despite all this, Andrew has still had some trouble attracting students towards theatre studies. “We currently have Drama compulsory for Year 7 and 8 and an
elective for 9 &10. While we do offer theatre studies for VCE, we’ve had a bit of trouble creating large volumes of interest in it.”

Lack of interest in drama can be a common problem at an all-male school, but one that Andrew will address with help from his new software. By installing the software onto all the computers in the computer lab, Andrew will be able to conduct theatrical lighting classes and tutorials without the hassle of having an entire class crowd around a single lighting desk in a heavily used venue. He hopes that by creating more technical opportunities within the curriculum, that interest in theatre studies will increase.

“It is a very exciting time for our drama department” says Andrew enthusiastically, “and with the addition of this amazing prize (LSC Clarity) into the mix, I couldn’t be happier.”