Coemar Profiled The Future At PLASA, That Future Is Available Now Through PRG Australia

Posted on Friday, September 23rd, 2011

At the Plasa Show, Coemar presented Reflection LEDko, its new range of LED profilers complete with accessories and optics that make it the ideal tool for TV studios and installations of every type. Reflection LEDko is especially suitable in segments of the lighting market particularly attentive to innovation, and which are sensitive to the need for energy savings and reduced maintenance – the real strengths of the Reflection LEDko range.

Reflection LEDko is a further step in the Coemar strategy: after winning the award for innovation at the 2010 Plasa Show in London with its Reflection technology (patent pending), Coemar now aims to revolutionise the profiler market.

Coemar was one of the first companies in the world to really understand the potential of using LED lights in a fixture. A true pioneer, it has invested the economic and human resources needed to develop this state-of-the-art technology. It’s one of the few companies in the world today that can boast more than a decade of experience in LED lighting.

The uniqueness of the Reflection LEDko profilers is confirmed by 4 major innovations and 3 notable economic advantages:

1. Reflection LEDko is the first LED profiler able to reproduce any tone, colour or shade of white (from 3000 K to 7000 K, in addition to the classic 3200 K). It incorporates a built-in library of leading gel filters from all the major manufactures.

2.     Reflection LEDko’s dynamic optical concept means the application can be changed just by swapping the optics. For the first time, it allows soft edge profiling with either Fresnel or PC lenses (patented system), with both a shutter system (spot to medium beam angle) and standard barndoors (medium to flood beam angle). Now there’s also a hard-edge profile HD optic providing superior quality of the projected image and beam of light.

3.     Reflection LEDko offers the innovative possibility to create personalised gobos using just a transparency sheet and a standard printer, and to project them thanks to the LED source, which doesn’t generate any heat.

4.     Homogeneous light beam: Coemar’s Reflection technology (patent pending) mixes the light at the source through a newly-developed micro-optical system, thus generating a unique and homogeneous beam of light, pixel-free and without the multi-coloured shadows typical of traditional diode-based technology

5.     LEDko is the also compatible with third party lens tubes and accessories. This compatibility with various lens tubes already on the market allows for easier and more cost-effective installations or retrofitting.

6.     LEDko eliminates need for maintenance, and there’s no need to worry about lamp replacement as the LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours.

7.     Reflection LEDko reduces power consumption levels by up to 75% compared with traditional light fixtures, so there’s already a return on the financial investment within just a few months.

The Reflection LEDko range offers three models – Full Spectrum, VariWhite 3000/7000 K and White 3200 K with interchangeable optics, and Soft Profile with Fresnel or PC lens and Profile Zoom 28°- 40° HD.

The presentation not only involved the Reflection LEDko range, but the Infinity M models as well. These moving-head projectors use the multi-lamp technology. Apart from the 700 and 575 MSR gold MiniFastFit already available on the market, they now also take the new Tungsten MiniFastFit lamp that’s currently being shipped from all the Coemar distribution centres. With a simple software update, the entire M range (Infinity Spot M / Wash M / ACL M) can be transformed into studio or theatre projectors with the new 3200 K MiniFastFit lamp, purposely designed and produced for Infinity M in collaboration with GE Lighting. Multi-lamp technology is an exclusive Coemar spa patent for the benefit of users, for whom the immediate advantage is a huge reduction in their stock of products. The Coemar innovation continues.

For a demonstration of the Ledko LED profile or the Infinity series of moving lights please contact Coemar’s Australian distributor Production Resource Group  Melbourne 03 8710 2555 or Sydney 02 8568 4400