Coemar Equipment Returns to Australia with Bytecraft

Posted on Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Bytecraft Entertainment have entered an exclusive distribution agreement with Coemar, bringing a whole new suite of lighting technology not seen before in Australia.

Coemar are one of the world’s major manufacturers of Entertainment lighting with a proven track record of innovative research and development and their own manufacturing plant in Northern Italy.

With the likes of Pink and AC/DC touring with significant amounts of Coemar gear, Bytecraft was invited to look at the full range of Coemar equipment. Although it would be fair to say that the Coemar brand has not made great in roads on this side of the world, this lighting manufacturer is now focused on “cutting edge” lighting R&D – and the proof of this lies in the quality of the current range. Bytecraft have been very happy with results after directly testing this claim on tour with Pink, and with a range of models now in Australia.

According to John Grimshaw, the National Sales Manager for Bytecraft, the results of testing were very interesting:

“Our service and hire staff was asked specifically to fault the products in comparison to other comparable lights. To then find the Coemar gear meets and often exceeds the specifications and quality of all other brands was surprising to say the least – but to achieve this AND be cost competitive is a perfect match.”

Of particular interest is the Infinity S 300w range; including a profile with full CMY, zoom, and iris and 575w equivalent output capabilities in a small 300w package. Also, some innovative CycLite and StageLite LED solutions for Cyclorama and impressive eye-catching effects, and the iWash Halo which is a very price competitive tungsten wash light with impressive zoom and output. This is just the start of a very solid range of solutions.

The full catalogue is available to download from the Coemar website