Coemar De Sisti revamps 2 studios for Fox Sports Australia

Posted on Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

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July 2006 Coemar De Sisti’s Managing Director Peter Kemp and Project Manager Cameron Moody met with Foxsports Chief Engineer Michael Day and Technical Supervisor Mark Sheridan to discuss the necessary revamp of their 2 main studios.

The plan was to completely gutter the studios, construct new control rooms and change the size of the studios. Both studios had simple pipe grids in them and Foxsports was looking to update the studios with the latest and greatest in studio lighting systems. Peter supplied Michael and Mark with some interesting information on the latest cool lighting systems that are in use throughout Europe and informed Fox Sports if they wanted the latest and greatest this is what they should consider. Peter and Cameron went away and prepared a submission including a new D rail lighting rigging system from De Sisti Italy, LSC dimming systems and De Sisti lights.

After some modifications to the systems Foxsports raised a purchase order to fit out of the two studios with installation to commence in mid – December and to finish early February. Coemar De Sisti’s work included the full installation and commissioning of all the lighting rigging system, control systems and luminaires.

We utilised De Sisti’s ‘D’ Rail, an extruded aluminium profile featuring a broad range of accessories and offering many standardised solutions to provide a grid. Versions are available in either fixed or with trackable facilities. Its optimized shape allows many solutions to different applications and wide spans between supports, to minimize the number of hanging points to the ceiling. Many of the ‘D’ RAIL’ accessories, trolleys and flanges can be used in combination with standard steel ‘I’ beams available in the market, that are compatible with the ‘D’ profile bottom flange.

The De Sisti ‘D’ Rail extruded aluminium profile is available with integrated electrical distribution. In particular it offers valuable benefits under the cost and ease of installation for Cold Lighting studio solutions, where Direct Mains and DMX connections are required for each lighting fixture. Obviously the described integrated distribution simplifies the remaining part of the electrical installation and the system provided has a very slim and clean look. The known advantages of DMX controlled lighting fixtures of not requiring Power Dimmers and the valuable Cold Lighting solution for the energy saving and extremely low thermal emission, are now enounced with the availability of the “D” Rail with Built In DMX and MAINS distribution.

For dimming Coemar De Sisti installed LSC Eko dimmers (a tried and proven dimming system Coemar De Sisti have installed in many studios throughout Australia) plus a Coemar De Sisti data distribution system to provide lighting data throughout the studio.

The new EKO wall mount installation dimmer is available in 6, 12 and 24 channel versions with a choice of output capacities. The EKO dimmers incorporate a cleverly designed installation frame that can be fixed in position without the dimmer being present. Load and control screw terminals on the frame allow for building wiring to be terminated in a clear and unhindered manner. When the installation is ready for commissioning, the dimmer can be hung on the installation frame and output circuits then plugged into the special screw terminals – the 24 channel dimmer can easily be installed onto the frame and made fully operational in under 5 minutes! After installation internal electronics can be easily accessed through the lockable hinged front door. The door has been designed with reversible hinges and locks allow the dimmer to be customized to suit the installation environment.

Once Coemar De Sisti’s installation team had finished the installation of the D rail system, the dimming and data distribution Cameron was on-site to commission the system and handover the new light fixtures to Fox Sports. The new lights include De Sisti De Lux 4x55w fluorescents, Magis fresnels, zoom profiles and telescopic drop arms.

The De Lux compact fluorescent units are the perfect fill light and set light to compliment any studio or video package. The original De Lux design has been modified to offer a fluorescent fixture without the need of a bulky, exterior “intensifier”. The new reflector system offers the brightest, flattest field in the industry at very competitive prices. 2 lamp, 4 lamp and 6 lamp 55 watt configurations are available to achieve the necessary footcandle levels in the studio. DMX, phase and local analogue control options are available to dim the units to 10%.

De Sisti’s versatile Magis Fresnel which houses a 300, 500 or 650 watt bi postal lamp and can be purchased individually with manual or pole operated yoke, or in a portable lighting kit.