Cliftons add more Jarags, Atomics and JEM products to their inventory

Posted on Friday, June 24th, 2011

Over the past few months Warren Maher, managing director of Clifton Productions, has been steadily increasing his quality hire gear stock with the addition of more Martin Atomic Strobes, Jarag 25 and Jem smoke machines.

“I really do like the Jarags as a fixture,” commented Warren. “And as for the Atomics, what can you say? They are just the industry standard and a nice solid light.”

Clifton’s now have an impressive arsenal of a hundred and sixty Martin Atomic strobes, twenty-four Jarags, four JEM K1 hazers, four JEM ZR44 smoke machines and four JEM AF-1 fans – all of which lighting designer Andy Mutton puts to good use.

One gig Andy used all of this gear on was the Amway China Gala Spectacular 2011 held at the Dome. Produced by Triumph Leisure Group the event was one of the biggest corporate events Sydney has ever seen. Entertaining over 9000 guests over four events and with a production budget of over $3 million, the night was filled with spectacular entertainment, light and laser shows and visuals projections across 190 metre screens.

“The Atomic strobes were situated on truss extensions shaped like lightening bolts so when the opening music reached its lightening cues all the strobes went off to resemble lightening and it looked great,” said Andy. “The Jarags were mounted quite high above the stage on four fingers of truss. Francesco Calvi mapped them all together to run black and white visuals through them and they looked really cool. The Jarags are great; a good tungsten light source. They’re really punchy and very fast.”