Clifton Productions Lights Up Hilltop Hoods

Posted on Friday, August 14th, 2009

Australia’s premiere hip hop crew, the acclaimed Hilltop Hoods hit the road in July for what promised to be one of this year’s most highly anticipated tours. The shows bringing together the best of local and international hip hop artists with special guests ‘Classified’ and ‘Briggs’.

Clifton Productions were employed to supply the lighting and rigging for the Australian tour supporting the release of the new album “State of the Art’, which not only debuted at #1 but also achieved Gold Sales status in the first week. On top of that, “State of the Art” is the fastest selling Australian album this year. The Hilltop Hoods are renowned for their live shows having toured extensively throughout Australia.

The stage featured a large VuePix display covering the back of the stage wall. At 7.2 metres by 3.6 metres, 100 x P25 LED panels were used on a 5 metre high truss arch. The design of the VuePix P25 panel gives the screen a semi-transparent effect. Strobes, Moving ACL’s and Blinders on verticals were positioned upstage behind the VuePix screen to great effect.

A full Robe ColorSpot 700E AT and Robe ColorWash 700E AT rig hung over the mid and rear of the stage. This created behind, through and all over stage looks projecting through the band to the crowd.

The overall effect was “Massive” said System Tech Matt Downs of Clifton Productions.

All the custom made animations that ran through the VuePix screen was all in sync with the audio, creating a combined visual auditory impact bringing the entire show together.

Matt expressed how everyone was amazed at the speed of the Robe 700 fixtures and their overall performance with further comments on the quality of zoom and colours produced. “For the last leg of the tour we had to ditch all spares due to lack of truck space, but we never thought twice about it…. we knew they would stand up to it!” says Matt.

Lighting Designer and Operator Paul Owen, used an Avolites Diamond 4 to control the entire show. Matt says “I had to talk Paul into using the D4 and he absolutely loved it, having good experience with Avolites Pearls previously. Matt continues, “ There are some quirky things you could do on an Avolites Pearl, however I showed him how Avolites have really improved so many more features on the D4, offering more choices and options on so many usable features. He is a huge fan now, and impressed on its reliability!”