Clearlight Supply Lots Of ETC Goodies To The Malthouse Theatre

Posted on Tuesday, December 21st, 2010


Clearlight Shows Pty Ltd has recently supplied the Malthouse Theatre with a fabulous range of new ETC products for the Merlyn Theatre and the Beckett Theatre.

The new inventory includes an ETC ION 3072 channel console with 1x 20 fader wing, an ETC ION 3072 channel console with 1x 10 fader wing and an ETC Element  40 250 channel console. Added to that were eighteen Source 4 19° Profile and thirty-six Source 4 Junior 25°-50° profiles.

“The crew and the ‘creatives’ are thrilled with the new consoles and lighting equipment as it has opened up a range of possibilities they were unable to achieve previously,” commented Frank Stoffels, CUB Malthouse’s Building Manager.

The ETC consoles were chosen to keep up with the direction the theatre lighting industry is heading with ETC consoles populating the country far and wide. Their user-friendliness, great interface

With an ETC Ion console in their hire inventory plus an ETC ION training room for any of their customers set up on their premises, Clearlight Shows P/L are clearly a fan of this popular product!

Contact Clearlight Shows if you would like a demo of the ETC Ion in their new facility.

Photos: Jenny Abbot on the Ion in the Merlyn theatre and Stewart Campbell on the Element in the Beckett Theatre during a set up.