Clear Systems look to a dry summer with Pro Shop Air Bases

Posted on Thursday, November 17th, 2011

With the unpredictable Australian summer upon us Clear Systems has taken the wise step of purchasing Pro Shop Air Bases. 

There’s nothing more enjoyable than an outdoor event through the summer months but we all know that the weather can often play havoc but these little beauties take away the worry of soggy lighting gear.

The Pro Shop Air Base is an extremely useful tool for hire departments, audio visual and event companies. The base of the unit has a secure and wide velcro strip around the top, onto which you can attach the strong, clear plastic cover to provide temporary weather protection for lighting fixtures.

“Protecting our Martin MAC250 Beams from dust and weather is easy with the Proshop Air Domes,” commented Andrew Bowen, manager. “The five and eight metre cones were a bonus that have challenged our staff and customers for the most interesting effect; lasers, LED cans and DJ effects all look great. We found that fixtures dissipating over 500W only caused a small temperature rise within the dome.”

Andrew is also impressed by the battery backup for the fan motor which adds ballast and keeps the dome inflated if mains power fails.  

An internal fan keeps the plastic cover inflated and away from the fixture. A single power and data feed are required and the fixture then takes its power from a socket on the inside of the dome. A pressure sensor is included so that should the Air Dome lose pressure it cuts off the power to the fixture to ensure no damage can come to the fixture or the Air Dome.

As mentioned by Andrew, the Air Base has the capability to also work as a large lighting effect. Coming complete with two large cones the internal fan pushes the cone high and then keeps them tight. Two cone heights are included, a 5 meter and an 8 meter high cone, and by placing a high powered light source on the inside the translucent cone lights up in any colour you wish.