Clear Systems can’t get enough Martin USB Duo DMX Interfaces

Posted on Friday, January 27th, 2012

The Martin USB Duo DMX Interface features XLR 5P female connectors and provides two DMX 512 universes from any USB enabled Windows-based PC. It communicates with Martin LightJockey™ (with Martin One-Key™), the Maxxyz™ and M1™ controller series, the Maxedia™ media server series, and Martin ShowDesigner 5™ (MSD5), as well as Martin fixture software uploaders (not compatible with MUM software). 

The interface is configurable in terms of in/out and is perfect to link up with other Martin controller items such as the M1, Maxxyz, MaxModule, M-PC, MSD, and Maxedia.

Clear Systems in Melbourne has sold many Martin USB Duo DMX Interfaces to a wide variety of customers as well as adding several to their hire stock.

“We feel that it is one of the cheapest and most powerful PC-based systems available,” commented Michael Zagarn, Hire / Production Manager at Clear Systems (pictured). “In fact it costs less than $1 per control channel as you get 1024 possible channels for less than $1000 rrp!”

Michael has discovered that the major feature that suits the majority of their clients is the ability to use any DMX lighting console to control the PC system.

“Consequently schools are able to upgrade their lighting control systems and add features of larger consoles for $1000 to their existing console,” he said. “It also allows venues to add a focusing remote with the addition of a wireless router.

“We also use a Martin USB Duo DMX Interface for our lighting events as we find it easy to use and it enables us to place the control system anywhere in the venue. Plus, with the addition of a wireless router we are able to remote control the system.

Michael remarks that with the additional support of the Martin Forums and the training videos, it is also a great system to start out on.

“There are some big things in the pipeline for the M-PC and DMX family of consoles if the new beta software is anything to go by. With the addition of networking you’ll soon be able to run the show on a M1 console and have your M-PC system running as a backup system.”

When used with the M-PC Demo, the USB Duo DMX Interface will unlock up to two DMX universes at no charge without the need for a dedicated M-PC license dongle. With an activated M-PC Basic and M-PC Pro, Multiple USB Duo DMX Interfaces can be connected to achieve more DMX outputs.

With the Martin LightJockey II One-Key License, up to three USB Duo DMX Interfaces can be connected for a total of 2048 DMX channels or 2048 out and 512 in. However, LightJockey II DMX output will only be activated if the One-Key LightJockey license is present. This means the USB Duo DMX Interface on its own will not activate LightJockey DMX output.

As part of the Martin plug-and-play concept, it comes complete with USB cable and installation notes and software.

This new hardware interface has been rigorously tested and lives up to Martin’s high quality standards.