Clay Paky Sharpy Wash 330 – the most talked about product at LDI?

Posted on Thursday, October 25th, 2012


Billed as the little wash-light that makes a big difference, the Clay Paky Sharpy Wash 330 made a dramatic debut at last week’s LDI show. Ask anyone on the trade show floor which products attracted their attention and the Sharpy Wash 330 was mentioned by most. 

The Sharpy Wash 330 is an extraordinarily compact, lightweight 330W washlight, with the luminous efficiency, graphic and optical performance of a 1000W fixture. It is silent and quick, and fitted with a complete CMY colour system, special colours, 6.5 to 50 degree zoom, mechanical dimmer, beam shaping filter, and motorized top-hat. It is an eco-friendly light, allowing considerable running and consumption cost savings. 

“Caroline and I both thought it was a great piece of lighting kit,” commented an impressed Neale Mace of Entertainment Installations. “Seeing it running on the Clay Paky stand it was easily the brightest thing there and it zoomed as well. It’s an awesome product and I’m sure it’ll be all over lighting riders soon.”

“The Sharpy Wash 330 is probably the perfect small to medium sized venue wash light,” concurred Richard Neville of Mandylights. “The tight beam angle gives you an almost ACL style beam effect that will cut over any spot fixture, while the wide zoom is uniform and makes it perfect to use as a normal wash fixture. Then of course there’s the speed of the CMY, movement and zoom which really sets it apart from any equivalent fixture.”