Clay Paky Sharpy delivers superhero power

Posted on Friday, August 19th, 2011

Green Lantern is the latest movie offering from the DC universe staring Ryan Reynolds in the title role. With such a popular comic book franchise being adapted for the big screen the signage company was charged with giving selected Green Lantern billboards around Australia extra impact. Res X were asked provide a green beam of the light to emulate the energy beam from the Central Power Battery on planet Oa and make it appear as though the beam continued on from the billboard.

The project required a compact fixture to fit onto the gantries behind the billboard with enough output to create a beam in green through the ambient light and still catch the attention of passing motorists without exceeding the power available. There was only one light that fit the bill – the Clay Paky Sharpy. The team at Resolution X developed a system to be set up by the signage installers incorporating customized weatherproof covers and DMX recorders for the Sharpys to fire their green beams from early evening and well into the blackest night.

Marcus Pugh, hire manager at ResX and comic book geek commented “I’m continually amazed by those punchy little buggers. They run surprisingly cool inside the covers too.”