Clay Paky Scenius Spots for Jay Productions

Posted on Friday, October 14th, 2016

scenius1_sm Jay Productions have taken delivery of four Clay Paky Scenius Spots, the new moving head spotlight at the top of the Clay Paky range.

“It really is an all-in-one fixture,” commented Jason Ghazal of Jay Productions. “We were looking for a fixture like this to take care of our high end corporate functions as well as onstage lighting for concerts. It’s a compact, incredibly bright and feature-packed moving light.”

A packed effects system synonymous with the Clay Paky brand means designers can flick between diverse lighting effects and washes in a matter of seconds by employing the use of two rotating gobo wheels, each with six interchangeable gobos, a rotating prism and an interchangeable graphics wheel.

“The animation wheel scenius2_smis very handy, our lighting guys love it,” said Jason. “They also love the seamless change between gobos and colour mixing. There’s a lot of diversity in the gobo selection which is good plus the colour range and mixing abilities is awesome.”

Jason admits that he was blown away by the sheer grunt and power the Scenius Spot delivers.

“They are very punchy and bright,” he said. “They have been operating awesomely and we’ve had great feedback from our clients. They’re also fairly quiet which is important. Of course, they also come with the reliability and quality of construction you’d expect from a Clay Paky fixture.”scenius3_sm

The Scenius Spot’s advanced optical unit and the new 1400W OSRAM discharge lamp provide a much higher light output than with previous generation 1500W lamps. Thanks to its wide 8°-50° zoom, Scenius is perfect for every use. A modern focus tracking system concentrates maximum luminous efficiency precisely on the effect you wish to project, and the focus may be set to be fully automatic.

Since arriving at their new home, Jay’s Scenius Spots have found themselves lighting an event for The Wanderers at ANZ Stadium, charity events at Randwick Racecourse and also The Ivy and 90’s Mania held at Luna Park (pictured).

The Scenius Spots join the rest of the Jay Productions Clay Paky family of AlphaSpot HPE 700s and A.leda B-Eyes.