Clay Paky New Products at PLASA 2011

Posted on Monday, September 5th, 2011

Among the new products that Clay Paky will showcase at the PLASA Show (September 11-14, Earls Court, London) are the following:

The Alpha Spot QWO 800 uses the latest MSR Platinum lamp — an 800W light source that, the company says, produces an intense sparkling light, brighter even than older 1,200W lamps. It is also equipped with optical features that include a zoom range from 7.6-55 degrees, uniform beam distribution at all zoom angles, a Stary-Sharp-Zoom feature that locks images in focus while zooming.

Add in the lamp’s ability to reproduce highly detailed images, and the Alpha Spot QWO 800 becomes a brilliantly effective graphics projector, the company says. Effects include two glass gobo wheels (one rotating), an animation wheel, a rotating prism, and a number of color options including a full CMY system, a color wheel, and a variable CTO system.

The beam’s size can be altered using the 16-blade iris that provides a more rounded, continuous hard edge. For soft-edged projections, there is a variable frost, while accurate dimming is achievable via an electrical-mechanical hybrid dimmer.

Making the most of these features is the Dyna-Cue-Creator, a tool that speeds up programming and automatically synchronizes effects in a way that would be very complex to program manually.

The Alpha Spot QWO 800 has two other vital features. The company says it is one of the quietest automated luminaires in existence. It never exceeds 42dBa and runs even more quietly while operating at half power (400W). Its second advantage is its small, compact size– no bigger than an Alpha 700.

GlowUp is a portable, battery-powered luminaire that removes the logistical headache of running cables at events — dramatically reducing set-up time, while saving money and improving safety.

An LED unit, its power is stored in a lightweight, rechargeable lithium battery; the fixture can be recharged 2000 times without suffering from memory or capacity loss.

GlowUp is fully programmable, allowing users to select scenes from a library containing dozens of suggested colors as well as a number of pre-programmed, color-changing sequences. Installation and set-up is entirely wireless and without cables. The battery eliminates the need for mains power; and each fixture can be programmed without needing to use cables. Each fixture has a wireless onboard data receiver, so several fixtures can be synchronized at once wirelessly. GlowUp can also be cable-connected to the grid and programmed using standard DMX cables.

GlowUp is suitable for use in places where access to power is limited or where running cables is difficult or prohibited, for example, areas of natural beauty, archaeological sites, churches, monuments and other public spaces. It is also designed for events where set-up time is short or in situations where cables are undesirable — in public access areas, exhibitions, conferences, weddings, trade shows and shopping centers. The product’s simple, neutral design helps it blend into any type of environment. Its narrow beam can be used to highlight architectural features, facades, columns, stairs, walls, canopies, trees, and other landscape features. For optical flexibility, the beam can be tilted, oriented, and adjusted in width from 15 to 30 degrees.

In addition, GlowUp is available in three versions. GlowUp C (RGBW) is a fully programmable, color-changing accent light providing rich decorative illumination for events, parties, weddings, presentations and product launches – perfect for enhancing interiors, facades, landscapes and gardens. GlowUp TW (Tunable White) can create variations in color temperature from warm white to cool white. It is designed for situations where just the right shade of white is required to emphasize architectural features faithfully: ideal for museums, art galleries, archaeological sites, churches, and heritage buildings. GlowUp W (White), a standard, bright, white beam for industrial and functional applications. It provides a temporary reserve of light in emergency situations, as it is easy to carry, cable-free and professional. The company adds it is suitable for security and emergency services.

The Igloo is a tough, sturdy enclosure that offers complete protection against rain and humidity, and maintains a perfect working temperature (between 0 degrees C and 35 degrees C) for fixtures even in hot or sub-zero conditions, the company says. The Igloo is suitable for permanent installations and, the company says, is an indispensable tool for rental companies who want to protect their stock of lighting during outdoor events and festivals. Above all, the Igloo is quick to install, simple to use and competitively priced.

The Igloo dome is injection molded from UV-resistant transparent polycarbonate, and is designed to ensure flawless projections without loss of light or image distortion. It has also been designed to accommodate any model of moving light from Clay Paky’s own Alpha 700, Alpha 300, or Sharpy series — as well as automated fixtures of similar size, weight and consumption from other brands. For DMX512 fixture control, two options are available: either by using the Igloo version with onboard wireless receiver (useful for remote locations) or by using the DMX wired version, with in/out cables and waterproof glands, integrated into the base of the dome. Power is supplied via two cables with cable glands: one for the dome internal devices, the other for the luminaire.

The Igloo is equipped with four carrying handles and offers the option of a flight case for safe transport. Installation follows a quick, plug-and-play procedure requiring no tools or special skills. A mechanical multi-positional fixing system allows a variety of compatible luminaires to be fixed. Once sealed, internal electrical connection is done via the supplied Powercon socket, and an integrated XLR socket allows connection to the fixture’s DMX interface. The temperature inside the dome is regulated by an automatic cooling and heating system that maintains a constant operational temperature between 0 degrees C and 35 degrees C (32 degrees F – 95 degrees F).The base is extremely shallow, allowing the beam to point in any direction without being blocked or masked, even at maximum downward tilt. The Igloo is entirely weatherproof, with each component offering IP54 protection. The locking system connecting the base to the dome is equipped with a watertight seal and fasteners; power and data cable glands are certified for outdoor use. A flexible mounting system allows the Igloo to be oriented in any position without compromising its high IP rating — either placed on the ground, hung upside-down or fixed to upright structures in a horizontal position.

Clay Paky’s popular Sharpy unit is now also available in shiny mirror-finish chrome, making it discreet on stage, in sets and interiors, and ideal for TV studios, showrooms, fairs, conference rooms and at industrial presentations. The chrome plating lends an element of glamour, while preserving its optimal thermal features. (Heat dissipation deteriorates most finishes, but does not affect the Sharpys in any way.) The Chrome Sharpy also blends seamlessly into its setting, becoming less visible to the eye by reflecting the light and surrounding environment.

Mirage QC, Clay Paky’s new semi-transparent LED display, presents a patented mounting and connection system that makes LED walls of all sizes even safer and quicker to install. IP65-protected for outdoor use, the Mirage QC is made for touring applications demanding the simplest possible installation. Its bayonet connection system is specifically designed to allow mechanical and electrical mounting of panels in a single, simple step — no tools needed. Once connected, series of vertical columns can then be joined horizontally with the aid of a quick and simple locking system. Using this attachment system, it takes just minutes to mount and dismount an entire LED wall, eliminating the need for accessories such as wires, connectors or hooks. It not only reduces labor, it also dramatically simplifies stock.

For its own moving lights, Clay Paky has designed a range of Roxter flight cases, which uses modern materials and technologies to solve the complex, and often contradictory, challenges faced by touring personnel today– the flight case has to be tough and robust yet at the same time easy to handle and lightweight.
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