Clay Paky at the ASTRA Awards

Posted on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012


The ASTRA Awards recognise the wealth of talent that drives the Australian subscription TV industry and highlights the creativity, commitment and investment in production and broadcasting. Entries are sought from subscription TV channels and platforms.

Held at Sydney Theatre, guests at the 10th Annual ASTRA Awards were treated to live performances from some of Australia’s finest performers including Timomatic, singer/songwriter Pete Murray and performers from Sydney Dance Company.

Event producers were Teamevent with Mandylights supplying and designing a fabulous lighting show using Clay Paky Sharpys and Alpha Profiles. The set designed by Julio Himede skillfully blurs the line between where the set stops and the lighting starts. The main scenic element were the arches rimmed with LED tape and tubing which contained LED screens and multiple lighting elements were flown in and out.

The lighting rig was fairly simple, with fixtures chosen for their impact and versatility as there were three main performances plus several awards to be handed out.

A dozen Clay Paky Alpha Profile 700 fixtures were flown in the roof, the first time lighting designer Richard Neville had used them for a television gig.

“I was really impressed by their performance,” he commented. “We needed to have a versatile fixture and the Profiles were great. Their output is fantastic, the zoom speed is really cool and the speed that the framing shutters move meant we can do some really cool chase effects with them.”

Nine Sharpys were positioned on the floor from where they became a part of the architecture of the set design.

“We held them in a static state and with the high-gloss stage plus heaps of haze we created solid beams of light that really complimented the set,” said Richard. “As such they became functional set pieces rather than just a lighting effect. Having said that, we also did lots of cool lighting with them.”

Mandylights will soon be lighting the Daly M Awards and the first thing that Richard did was insist on the Clay Paky Alpha Profiles 700 fixtures!

“I have to admit they are becoming a bit of a favourite,” he revealed.

Two MA Lighting MA2 consoles were chosen for control with one used by Alex Grierson to program the media content and other by Richard to control the lighting.

“The MA2 is my console of choice at the moment,” added Richard. “We use it on almost everything; it’s fast, it still has the reliability for networking and for media servers it’s fantastic.” 

Photos courtesy of Teamevent