Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE’s for Harry The Hirer

Posted on Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

For over thirty years, Harry The Hirer has set the standard for creating innovative and unique solutions for the events industry and this has just been made a little bit easier with the addition of eight Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 300 and eight Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 700 fixtures to their lighting inventory.

The Alpha Spot HPE 300 is compact, lightweight, silent, practical to install and extremely bright. It has superior graphic and optical performance and is the most complete spotlight in its category (300 W). It is ideal for every professional sector where the pluses of a “small” light need to be combined with the advantages of a “large” one.

The Alpha Spot HPE 700 is the smallest 700 W spotlight available, weighting 22 kilos only. The 700 W lamp provides a level of brightness equal, if not greater, than that seen with higher wattages. The Alpha Spot HPE 700 houses an array of optical and graphic devices that have nothing to envy from larger and more expensive fixtures, including a 15°-35° zoom with electronic focus and a hybrid electronic/mechanical dimmer.

“We tested the Alpha Spot HPE’s side by side with a few different fixtures and we were amazed by their performance,” said Lee Harrison, senior lighting designer at Harry The Hirer. “Their speed is fantastic and the quality of their motors means that even at a very slow speed there was no jerking. We also loved the fact that they were 10 kilos lighter than comparable fixtures but it was their superior optic system that sealed the deal.”

Lee explains that Harry The Hirer often need to provide corporate-type lighting but with rock’n’roll mixed in and the Alpha Spot HPE’s are ideal for these requirements.

“They have the performance to do the rock’n’roll stuff but they’re not a big unit so they look good in a corporate rig,” he commented. “They can provide the colour and gobos we utilize in a corporate environment plus being able to work at a slow movement fits perfectly into the corporate work too.

“The fact that it has a battery in the unit which enables me to access the menu without any power is very handy whether I’m pre-addressing them for a show in the factory or even on site. We do a lot of work surrounded by generators so power isn’t always an option so its extremely useful.”

Pictured are the Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 300 and 700 fixtures at an AFL corporate after-party featuring MeatLoaf and Vanessa Amorosi.