Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500 fixtures colour Sydney

Posted on Monday, June 13th, 2011


For a couple of weeks every winter Sydney is transformed into a spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas when the Vivid Sydney Festival takes over the city after dark.

Vivid Sydney colours the city with creativity and inspiration, featuring breathtaking immersive light projections on the iconic Sydney Opera House sails, performances from local and international musicians as part of Vivid LIVE and a free outdoor exhibition of interactive light sculptures. 

This year saw the launch of Skyscraper Illuminati; a theatrical transformation of Sydney’s Circular Quay with building illuminations coordinated with next generation animated lighting. These giant facades form one large canvas and present a regular twenty minute show presenting the very latest in low energy LED colour lighting and projection technology.

For over twenty years, Sydney-based 32 Hundred Lighting has built an enviable reputation with work that’s been integral to some of Australia’s most famous and fabulous events. From the private to the prestigious and high profile, they have been creating magic with creative and cutting edge sound, light and audio visuals. Not surprising then that they were chosen to design, install and operate the nightly Skyscraper Illuminati spectacle.

When 32 Hundred’s managing director Iain Reed discovered that his company had won the tender for this prestigious event, he knewthat he had the perfect fixture for the high power projection work – the Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500.

With it’s cutting-edge professional beam shaper that combines the high output power of a 1500 W lamp with an exclusive framing system capable of any shape, the Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500 was the clear choice. It features an astonishing 1:9 ratio zoom, with a breathtaking speed, that makes it suitable to both short and long distance applications.

“The Vivid Festival and the Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500 were the perfect match!” he declared. “They are very, very, very bright and I’m extremely happy with them. Their sheer intensity is brillaint and the classic Clay Paky eye for detail with the optics is amazing. I love the auto focus, vast colour mixing, gobo selection – really they are the Ferrari of moving lights!”

For Skyscraper Illuminati the Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500 fixtures are combined with forty-four LED fixtures to paint three prominant city landmarks: the AMP building, the Four Seasons Hotel and the Marriott Hotel. Whilst the LED provide general colour wash, the Alpha 1500 fixtures provide texture and movement. Each of the twelve Alpha Profile 1500 fixtures is housed in a custom-made perspex housing, designed and constructed by 32 Hundred Lighting.

The Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500 posseses a comprehensive range of graphic effects, an innovative Stay-Sharp-Zoom function allowing automatic focusing and also smart Zoom-Tracking-Diffuser for a linear beam softening. Features that make the Alpha Profile 1500 a valuable resource for designers working in demanding lighting environments such as Skyscraper Illuminati.

Iain is delighted to report that there have been absolutely no problems with the Alpha Profile 1500 fixtures and that they have added an extra dynamic element to the lighting display.

“I have been blown away by their optics,” he added. “You can light a twenty-storey skyscraper with just four of them.”