Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300 Wins the Award for Innovation at Plasa 2008

Posted on Friday, September 19th, 2008

There has been an atmosphere of great satisfaction at Clay Paky for many months now for having succeeded in designing a product that is unique, unrivalled and without direct competitors, capable of filling a gap in live entertainment.

The Lighting Designers noticed the difference and immediately identified Clay Paky’s newest product as a creative and innovative tool for their work, specifying it for some of the most important international projects.

The Rental Companies noticed the difference and immediately welcomed the innovative nature of the solution and appreciated the extraordinary performance features of the Alpha Beam 300, purchasing many units and enabling Clay Paky to dedicate complete production lines exclusively to this product, to meet the countless requests received from all over the world.

Only the official acknowledgement was missing, which was not long in arriving: ALPHA BEAM 300 won the Award for Innovation at the Plasa 2008 event held in London on Monday evening on the 8th September.

The acknowledgement was assigned to Mr. Enrico Caironi of Clay Paky. Mr. Matthew Griffiths, Managing Director of Plasa, said that “The judges were impressed by this amalgamation of existing technologies which has created a new tool for lighting designers, offering greater versatility and flexibility”.

Mr Pasquale Quadri, President of Clay Paky, told us: “We are very proud of this award: it confirms that Alpha Beam 300 was exactly the solution that was missing in the world of live entertainment. The on-going contact with lighting designers and all the qualified operators of the sector was a key factor”.

Innovative and complete, compact, service friendly and easy to install and use, ALPHA BEAM 300 is the ideal Moving Light Beam for “live” professional use especially “long throw” to cut through the brightness of stage washes or LED backgrounds, with Aircraft Landing light effects never seen before.

Alpha Beam 300 is very powerful and eco-friendly: thanks to the new special Clay Paky optical group, it is 3 times brighter than an ordinary 1200W wash projector, with the energy consumption of a 300W light bulb. This enables it to be used instead of considerably larger projectors, with enormous savings in energy.

The Aperture and graphics of the “tube of light” can be decided at will by using the 8 fixed gobos available, while a linear frost can be used to pass from a narrow hard beam to a more or less soft one. CMY colour mixing and a colour wheel (8+1) allow the light beam to be coloured at will. A Dimmer on a dedicated channel, stop/strobe and high speed Pan/Tilt complete the ALPHA BEAM 300 configuration.

A number of comments made by lighting designers, rental company managers and operators of the sector that have specified, installed and used Alpha Beam 300 are mentioned below.

LD Giovanni Pinna (Vasco Rossi tour): “the 45 Alpha Beam 300 are the special features of the tour, these are really spectacular products, I saw them three months ago and I fell in love with them: this is a projector that you see and recognise, something really special”.

LD Marco Policastro (“Mary of Nazareth” musical at the Vatican): “ I have always adored the ACLs, and this is the spotlight that is very similar to that type of light, providing in addition, rapid movement. The product is very luminous, versatile, lightweight, adapts to any space and in hundreds of different situations: it is the product that was missing!”

Baz Halpin (LD for the Queen + Paul Rodgers tour and for the Tina Turner tour): “I chose the Alpha Beam 300 for Tina Turner and Queen + Paul Rodgers because of their low power consumption, unparalled output compared to anything else in its class. I was most impressed by their reliability, speed and effectiveness. They are light, bright and pack a powerful punch. I love them”.