City Theatrical Launches Two New LED Products

Posted on Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

City Theatrical has released two new LED products utilizing Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting fixtures combined with City Theatrical technology. The MasterBlast utilizes a Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 TR LED lighting fixture combined with CTI’s patented SHoW DMX wireless DMX technology to create a totally wireless, battery-powered, LED lighting fixture with up to 10 hours of operating time. The MasterBlast’s built-in stand alone routines and wireless DMX allow events to be run without a lighting console, external wireless DMX gear, or power and data cables, saving time, space, and money for the event lighting user.

The product’s user interface allows any MasterBlast to be configured as either a transmitter or receiver, as well as selecting a variety of stand-alone routines and radio settings. The user interface also provides a built-in battery gauge. A carry handle allows users to simply carry the unit into a room, set it down, and begin lighting. The Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 TR lighting fixture utilized in the MasterBlast features a swing-down front that permits City Theatrical’s unbreakable polycarbonate holographic lenses to create a wide variety of symmetric and asymmetric beam spreads to meet most lighting needs.

The MasterBlast utilizes a DMX output that in transmit mode allows the same show being broadcast wirelessly to be output via wired DMX to other City Theatrical power/data supplies such as the PDS-750 TR and PDS-375 TR. That feature enables users to combine their existing ColorBlast fixtures into large wired/wireless systems all receiving their commands from a MasterBlast gransmitter, and all running the same show without an external lighting console.

The iW Blast TR Lighting Kit combines the Philips Color Kinetics iW Blast 12 TR lighting fixture with a range of City Theatrical accessories enabling film, video, photography, and location lighting users for the first time to gain all the benefits of this very bright, variable color temperature, white LED lighting fixture. The inherent low power consumption of LEDs also gives users more options in both line voltage and battery powered lighting setups, the company says.

CTI has created a two-channel controller that gives users control of color temperature and intensity right on the lighting stand. These controllers are universal voltage for worldwide use and have a built in clamp to allow attachment to any lighting stand.

The iW Blast TR Lighting Kit comes complete with three iW Blast 12 TR lighting fixtures, and a three full sets of accessories including controllers, stands, mounts, barndoors, egg crate louvers, and nine different symmetric and asymmetric unbreakable polycarbonate holographic lenses. Everything packs into and is protected by a rugged ATA flight case.

Both the MasterBlast and iW Blast TR Lighting Kit are ETL-, cETL-, and CE-listed, are RoHS-compliant, and are available through City Theatrical distributors worldwide.

Australian Distributor: Bytecraft and Chameleon