CIE looks to update Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

Posted on Friday, November 27th, 2015

00439AA0B2The Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage (CIE) have published a position statement on their intentions to develop a new and improved colour fidelity metric that would update the CRI (Colour Rendering Index).

The CIE have also accepted that the CRI has several significant sources of colorimetric inaccuracies and accept that it should be updated with the latest well-accepted formulae and an improved set of test samples. CIE’s own Technical Committee (TC1-90) is in the process of developing a new improved colour fidelity metric that can update the CRI. The CIE also recognises that the colour fidelity metrics including the CRI do not assess other important aspects of the colour qualities of light sources, in particular, those related to colour preference.

CIE TC 1-91 is developing a Technical Report on this subject, which will be the groundwork for developing colour preference metric(s). And again the CIE’s own TC1-91 is preparing a report on this subject, which according to the CIE’s website, will be the groundwork for developing colour preference metric(s).

Importantly, the CIE supports the study of the recently published IES Technical Memorandum TM-30, to which some CIE TC 1-90 members have contributed. This work was recently proposed for consideration in TC 1-90, which voted to make its Rf metric the basis for the TC’s first working draft.

To read the full draft of the CIE Position click here.

In relation to the above, the Society of Light and Lighting has published an open letter in support of TM-30

For more information on TM-30 click here.