Chromlech’s Gleamer is a Star of SIEL

Posted on Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Brittany-based lighting manufacturer, Chromlech, has been awarded a prestigious ‘Etoiles du SIEL’ (Stars of SIEL) award at the newly-revived SIEL show at the Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris.

The award, one of only 4 bestowed for lighting, went to Chromlech’s new Gleamer low-voltage dimmer, which was chosen from nearly 30 contenders to receive the coveted silver star. Originally launched at PLASA 2011 where it received the PLASA Innovation Award, the Etoile du SIEL is the second award for Gleamer.

Gleamer is a revolutionary product designed to control all low voltage lamps in professional lighting environments from theatre and large scale music tours to architectural and fixed installations.

Until now, lamps could only be dimmed individually using a separate transformer for each lamp. Now Gleamer can accommodate any set of low voltage light source from 6V to 28V, using 9 channels of DMX to give independent control over each lamp within a fixture. Gleamer is therefore the first dedicated low voltage dimmer in existence and perfect for the creative control of fixtures such as Svoboda or Aircraft.

In addition, its 12A/300W channels can be coupled to deliver low voltage power up to 2700W, thus making it a truly versatile and adaptable dimmer, all housed in a compact, half-rack case.

‘The arrival of Gleamer enables Chromlech to access and develop new markets such as architectural and theatre lighting,” says newly appointed sales director, Lionel Garraud. “Chromlech is already well established in the live music and television world. However, SIEL’s visitors were mostly theatre lighting designers and directors which has been extremely valuable in putting Chromlech in front of the right customers to appreciate the diversity and potential of Gleamer and the full Chromlech range. After initial acknowledgement of Gleamer at PLASA, the Etoiles du Siel award confirms Chromlech as a significant presence in theatre and architectural markets.”

Gleamer, along with Chromlech’s other products, will be presented once again to an international audience at Prolight, Frankfurt in March.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology