Chromatic lights Quantum Valley stage at EDC

Posted on Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Matt Chromatic looked after production and lighting design for the Quantum Valley stage, hosted by DreamState, at the infamous Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas last month.

The event took over the grounds of Las Vegas motor speedway for three nights of dusk till dawn action.

“Already knowing the DreamState brand style, we felt this was in line with the sleeker tech style,” said Matt. “We had video forming the perimeter of 2 and 3 dimensional cubes. Being in a big top creates its own parameters, the working conditions of the heat in the Nevada desert, temperatures up to 47degrees during the day, its best to execute most work at night. “

The rig consisted of 57 x Elation Platinum, 48 x Ayrton MagicPanel, 14 x Robe BMFL Blade, 22 x Martin Atomic 3000 and 32 x Elation Lumina Strip.