Chroma-Q’s Chameleon Like Color Span

Posted on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

One of the great advantages of solid state lighting technology is the compact size of the source. Perfect for cove lighting applications where size is critical. Too often however this useful form factor comes with a range of drawbacks such as poor colour rendition, disappointing output and or uneven dimming performance. Fortunately Chroma-Q has now included all the sophistication of their entertainment LED fixture family in a stunning purpose built architectural strip light.

The Color Span range of LED striplights from Chroma-Q deliver up to 1500 lumens of output per 1.2 mtr section of compact low profile LED strip. Available in indoor (IP20) or outdoor (IP67) versions Color Span can be ordered in a host of configurations to precisely match the requirements of your project. Color Span delivers you choice in every area:

Color Span is available fitted with Warm White, Cool White, Red, Green, Blue or Amber LED’s in any combination you require. Choose RGBA for broad spectrum colour mixing and effects. Choose all Red LED’s for a constant red wash or warm white for a natural look. To help blend in with your decor the Color Span’s anodised aluminium fixture body also comes in a range of designer colours. Choose from:
Black, White, Silver, Gold, Green, Red, Pewter, Champagne, Blue or Light Bronze.

Beam Spread
Color Span remains capable of delivering maximum coverage in every application by being available in one of three beam spreads:
* A narrow 12 degrees for long throws
* 23 degree medium angle for broader field applications
* 40 degree flood for short throws where maximum coverage is essential.

It is here that Chroma-Q’s entertainment lighting heritage comes to the fore to deliver a host of sophisticated control options. Chroma-Q’s exclusive Magic Amber feature means that the fixture itself calculates the amount of amber light to add in the RGBA configuration to correctly deliver the desired colour whilst Chroma-Q’s proven LED dimming curve is smooth and linear with no ugly jumps or steps.

Control modes include:
* HSI with FX
* RGB (with Magic Amber)
* RGBI (Magic Amber)

Operate stand alone from the 2, 6 or 18 way power supplies which will store up to 42 custom looks or utilise you own preferred DMX controller. The choice is yours. Connection to the fixtures from the power supply is via CAT 5 cable fitted with standard RJ45 connectors. Each output on the PSU supports a maximum 60 mtr cable run.

Form Factor
Standard lengths available are 400mm, 800mm, or 1200mm in both indoor and outdoor rated versions. At a maximum of just 101mm high and 62 mm wide (for the IP67 rated version) Colour span is easily concealed behind pelmet structures. The external power supply ensures fixture weights are kept to a minimum with the indoor rated fixture weighing in at a miserly 2.8Kg in the largest 1200mm configuration.

Versatile to the end Color Span is supplied with a go anywhere angle bracket that permits wall, ceiling or floor mounting.