Chauvet partners with Novatech Creative Event Technology

Posted on Monday, November 11th, 2013

Leko Novakovic, managing director of Novatech Creative Event Technology, was in the market for some new effects and eye-candy to add to his lighting inventory. After extensive research of current European and US markets, he was drawn to the Chauvet Nexus™ 4×4 wash light and once Showtools had demonstrated the fixture to him, he was sold!

“From the moment we previewed the Nexus™, we knew it was the right product for us,” said Leko. “It looks phenomenal and, at the moment, appears to be in a category of its own. We’re glad we added forty fixtures to our inventory.”

Novatech have found that the Nexus™ delivers the sizzle of a pixel mapping display and a robust light output afforded by 16 27-watt RGB COB LEDs. The combination of COB emitters and a clever reflector design yields a striking, diffused light richly drenched in saturated hues.

Nexus™ 4×4 is controllable via Art-Net, Kling-Net and DMX protocols and features interlocking hardware to build large arrays. Whether in use for front viewing or as a backdrop, Nexus™ 4×4 promises a hard-to-match visual impact.