Chameleon’s GLP Impression RZ’s zoom into the market

Posted on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Late last year Chameleon Touring Systems acquired sixty of the new GLP Impression 120 RZ LED moving lights which build on the fabulous reputation that the Impression brand has attained around the world, by bringing an automated zoom function to designers fingertips, combined with a new LED source.

Chameleon’s Impression RZ’s made their debut on Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure live Shows at the Sydney Opera House Forecourt proving to be the ideal fixture for a show broadcast in daylight. Sean Post (Lighting Director for Harpo Inc) chose to use sixty Impression RZ fixtures which where very impressive as all the effects used stood out on camera extremely well even though it was a sunny day.

Since their impressive debut, the Impression RZ’s have been used on many productions including SOH Soap x 18, Australia Live Canberra x 12, Mia at the Big Day Out x 8, Faithless at Good Vibrations x 28, and Playground Weekend Dance Tent x 12.

Andrew Veitch of the Nine Network used fifteen GLP Impressions RZ fixtures on the Today Show’s Cindy Lauper Special describing them as ‘a very bright LED fixture with the benefit of requiring low power and awesome for an outdoor television broadcast’.

Paul Collison also used twenty-four of the fixtures on the recent Hillsong Colour Your World Conference (pictured) using them as the main wash light over the audience.

“They were amazing!” he declared. “I only had 24 to cover the Sydney Entertainment Centre and they did a stellar job. I loved the range of colour we had and the punch. Given we were lighting for the camera I had to be wary of getting some decent light level on the audience, whilst also getting some decent colour and movement. The RZ’s certainly gave us that.  I don’t think I’d look at a discharge lamp again to light an audience in this way.”

Lighting designer Anthony Bazz Barrett used GLP Impression RZ’s for lighting Looking through a Glass Onion.

“I found them incredibly bright in fact having morphed them from another lamp type I had to limit the output at 30% for my theatre show!” he said. “The zoom worked well and the colour blend looked very nice. Overall I’d say welcome to the future of wash lights.”

“The Impressions RZ’s are fast, reliable and are a perfect replacement for a three-colour wash,” added Ian Anderson who used twelve of the fixtures on the X-Factor Grand Final. “They’re small but bright and usually we have to turn them down for camera! They’re an easy fixture to fit into the tight spaces you have to deal with in a studio.”