Chainmaster has arrived at ULA

Posted on Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

ULA GROUP has been appointed exclusive Australian distributor for Germany’s ChainMaster range of electric chain hoists and chain hoist controllers, bringing this industry leading brand to Australia for the first time.

The ChainMaster range of high-powered electric chain hoists and chain hoist controllers are the world’s lightest, strongest and quietest hoists on the market. With German design and engineering, Chainmaster chain hoists allow the heaviest loads to be transported silently and positioned within millimetre accuracy. With over 200 models available, ChainMaster chain hoists make it possible to realise the creative ideas of directors, set designers and lighting artists with minute precision and absolute reproducibility.

Established in 1993, ChainMaster was at that time, the first in the world to develop an electric chain hoist system that was capable of satisfying the stringent German safety regulations. Since then ChainMaster has become established as one of the major manufacturers of chain hoists in the world with an international distribution network spread over every continent. ChainMaster attributes their success to developing for the stage and theatre markets the most versatile and efficient hoists and controllers that reproduce movements with staggering precision whilst satisfying even the most stringent safety standards.

For your chance to be involved in ULA’s ChainMaster Technical Workshops or to book an exclusive demonstration contact ULA