CDA installs the latest European hoist technology at UTS

Posted on Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

In August 2007 Peter Kemp (Coemar De Sisti’s Managing Director) met with James Hurley (UTS – Media Centre Manager) to discuss the planned revamp of a space they referred to as Shooting Stage/TV Studio/blackspace.

The first consideration for the space was an efficient rigging system for lights that would suit a variety of uses for the space and also take into account the regulations etc. regarding the use of ladders etc when rigging lights. James visited the installation Coemar De Sisti Australia had done at Foxtel Studios and was very impressed with the De Sisti lighting hoists. As discussions took place Peter introduced a new version of the De Sisti lighting hoists whereby the normal stainless steel ropes have been replaced with stainless steel flat band, which due to the reduction in thickness (as compared to stainless steel rope), on a pile winding system enables a more or less constant torque during movement. And another advantage is the reduction in variation of speed from the bottom position to the top position when compared to rope systems.

In addition to the lighting hoists James wanted to install a dimming system, new lighting console and an extensive patch system for audio and video.

A submission was prepared and accepted by UTS which included Coemar De Sisti Australia, strengthening the existing grid structure for suspension of the new lighting hoist system and installation of all the equipment.

Some early installation work was carried out prior to Christmas 2007 which then allowed UTS to have the floor of the space totally resurfaced, Coemar De Sisti’s installation team then went back on-site in January 2008 to prepare for the arrival of the lighting hoists from Italy in Feb/March. All wiring and fixings for the lighting hoist was completed as well as the dimmed and hot circuit wiring, data distribution, audio and video wiring and patch system plus dimmer installation just before the hoists arrived on-site. The installation team then proceeded to install the hoists and commission the complete installation for handover to UTS.

For dimming Coemar De Sisti installed LSC Eko dimmers (a tried and proven dimming system Coemar De Sisti have installed in many studios throughout Australia) plus a Coemar De Sisti data distribution system to provide lighting data throughout the studio.