CCPWA Purchase Barco SLite and Broadcast Camera system

Posted on Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Perth based Concert & Corporate Productions has recently purchased a large Barco SLite 10XP LED Display.

The system consists of 72 panels of SLite 10XP with all flying and ground stacking hardware, as well as 2x Barco DX700 LED Processors.

To complete the system CCP has also taken delivery of a Broadcast Camera and Control system the main items consisting of:

3x Sony DXC-D55WSPL Cameras with CA and CCU Triax control and Long and short lenses.

Grass Valley Indigo Vision Switcher.

Grass Valley Turbo IDDR Hard drive Recorder and Playback.

CCP’s General Manager Jerry Reinhardt says “the system was bought and specified to cover CCP’s increasing workload and demand for Large format LED Screens and Broadcast quality cameras in Outdoor concerts and Corporate events that CCP is responsible for in the West.”

The Screen and Camera System makes its joint debut on this years Leeuwin Estate Concert featuring Yvonne Kenny, David Hobson & the West Australian Symphony Orchestra with two 20 panel screens as well as the Lighting System and Design whilst simultaneously providing a 30 panel screen and Lighting system for the annual Joondalup Valentines Day Concert with Marcia Hines.