CCP invest in Robert Juliat

Posted on Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Perths Concert & Corporate Productions has recently invested in Robert Juliat 2500w Aramis Long throw follow spots.

“The decision to go to RJ’s has been a long time coming and are a welcome addition to CCP’s inventory available in Perth for large scale concerts and summer festivals” said Tim Bradsmith, CCP’s managing director. “The Aramis’ are fantastic in long throw applications and definitely cut the mustard in all of Perth’s large arenas.”

The follow spots have been working hard after being rushed through Perth customs by Show Technology’s Perth Account Manager Gino Lombardi; the Aramis had thirty minutes in CCP’s warehouse for lamp fitting and wiring before they were installed for a Judas Priest Concert that night. Practically straight out of the box and they performed spot-on.