CCP and the Guru

Posted on Friday, July 4th, 2008

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CCP were contracted to supply lighting, rigging and vision for the Perth event “A Celebration of Life” featuring the renowned Indian Guru Bhaishri Rameshbhai Oza held in June 2008.

Held inside a 45m x 45m four pole circus tent supplied by Ashton’s Circus, the event had many challenges to overcome before a single light was hung.

Holding an event of this size and nature, in June on the Esplanade in Perth, is risky due to the weather and with just a few days before the opening it was touch and go with the ground flooding and putting everything in jeopardy.

The design brief was to convert the inside of the Circus tent into an Indian themed intimate venue. The majority of the set was designed and built in India and shipped to Perth for re-assembly with some portions being made and handled locally.

CCP’s lighting designer for the event Sean McKernan designed a system that not only supported the lighting rig but also allowed the set to be hung and supported easily. Using over 400m of Global Truss 550mm, 400mm and 300mm box truss to create all the lighting positions and set supports was a large undertaking.

The lighting rig was simple but effective with the following equipment used to create a single state for the whole event: 8 x Martin MAC2000, 12 x MAC600, 6 x Pro Shop LED Honeycomb 72, 4 x Pro Shop LED Wall Washers, 8 x BO4 Par 64 MFL, 22 x ETC S4 Parnels30 x Kupo Multi Pars MFL, 12 x ETC S4 15/30 Zooms, 12 x ETC S4 19 degree, 40 x Par 56 on Floor stands, 70m Blue LED Listel Light, 24 x Blue Fluoro Fittings, 8x 240v Par 16 and a MA Lighting grandMA.

CCP also supplied 2 x 12 panel Barco Slite 10XP LED screens for Image Mag and Video Rolls.

The event ran for three days with two 2.5hr sessions a day. The Final result was stunning and was well received by all who attended, marking a successful end to a memorable once in a lifetime event.