Review: Elation Artiste DaVinci

Posted on Monday, June 19th, 2017

by Nook Schoenfeld

Elation has released the first member of its Artiste line, their new series of white LED engine sourced fixtures. The DaVinci is a medium-sized spot fixture that packs quite a punch and comes with more functions than any fixture this size should be allowed. In other words, it’s pretty much covering every function a hard-edge fixture should, from an animation wheel to color mixing to frost filters. They didn’t skimp on anything. The big question is — how did they pack all of this in such a condensed and lightweight package?

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Review: GLP JDC1 Strobe

Posted on Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

by Richard Olson

The search for the perfect strobe light to replace the original Atomic model has been endless. Over the last three years, every lighting manufacturer has released their version of what they think the designers wanted. All LED models, it seems, as nobody wants to deal with the old tube style strobe, their power draw or the fact that they could thermal out after a few seconds. They built all white models, colored models, models with chasing quadrants.

But to this designer’s eye, they were all missing something. Mostly it was the attack and decay one gets from the old xenon strobe. A good programmer can usually emulate it with clever timing on cues, but there had to be an easier way.

Strobes were originally used as an effects type fixture. You would aim them at a performer and adjust the rate until the artist looked like they were moving in slow motion via an old 8mm black and white movie. But along came rock shows, and designers preferred to burn the retinas of the attendees. So what did all the LD’s do? They pointed their strobes out at the audience to get the maximum effect out of the fixtures while blinding them into a trance. That made it impossible to point the same fixtures at the band to get the other desired effect. Thank goodness GLP has put an end to all of this. May I present to you the best strobe I have ever seen — the JDC1 Strobe from German Light Products (GLP).

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Review: GLP GT-1

Posted on Monday, May 22nd, 2017

By Craig Rutherford

It is true, though not necessarily original, to observe that the marketplace for multifunction luminaires has been particularly busy for the past few years. The promise of multiple features on a compact and low-wattage platform is an appealing one, and the makers of these light try their hardest to get the highest-quality effects into moving heads with very little space and demanding cooling requirements. Today, we’re examining the GT-1 hybrid fixture from German Light Products, a (not unsurprisingly) Karlsbad, Germany-based company that has been making intelligent lighting since 1994.

Physically, the GT-1 follows many of the design characteristics that GLP has standardized across its range, including the slim “base” of the fixture, on which are mounted the power and data inputs. This base is very small; this fixture keeps most of the bulky electronics in the yoke of the fixture. The rest of the fixture follows a fairly standard physical layout, with a push-button tilt lock in one arm and the fixture’s menu system on another.

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Review: Robe Spiider

Posted on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

by Brandon Creel

Robe is a top name in entertainment lighting and they continue to deliver new and innovative products to the market. Robe has their successful line of LEDWash and LEDBeam fixtures. In 2016, they released their first “LED WashBeam,” called the Spikie. After its immediate success, Robe began developing a second LED WashBeam fixture, the Spiider. Let’s explore this fixture to learn why it’s different from the competition.

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Notch: An Impressive Tool for Manipulating Media

Posted on Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

by Vickie Claiborne

Notch is fresh. Notch is exciting. I would go so far as to say that Notch is the future of media server playback/creation. Here are a few reasons why.

What It Is

Notch is a node-based, real-time compositing software package that can be used as either a stand-alone media server or in conjunction with other media servers like d3 vR14, Hippotizer v4.2, Avo’s AI v9.1, and 7th Sense Delta Media Server. It can be used to create and play back generative effects in real-time, letting users edit and create HD content in a node-based environment.

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Review: Ayrton DreamPanel Twin

Posted on Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

by Craig Rutherford

Some fixtures do their best to defy categorization. In recent years, we’ve seen manufacturers release lights that attempt to fit characteristics of several types fixtures into a single unit, generally combining key aspects into a fixture released under the banner of “hybrid.” Today we look at an Ayrton fixture that combines elements of high-resolution video panels and narrow-beam LED matrices into a single fixture.

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Review: Martin’s Dotron and Fatron Fixtures

Posted on Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

by Jeff Gooch

I cut my teeth in lighting from early on, but eventually found myself working for a video production company, finding the gear far cooler — and far more complex. Back in those days, lights were lights, projectors were projectors, and never the twain met. But there were some emerging technologies and we always dreamed about marrying them, or at least producing a weird hybrid-freak-son-daughter.

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