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Martin RUSH for Scary Canary

Posted on Monday, November 7th, 2016

14701038_10154730374291520_738389913983548226_oThe Scary Canary is Sydney’s most popular destination for backpackers looking for a fun night out, and it usually doesn’t matter which day of the week it is. What drives so many to pick Scary Canary for their night out is the different themed nights including foam nights.

Any gear that gets installed into this venue has to be ready every night of the week and be able to take a bit of a thumping! No wonder the guys at TAVSA (Technical Audio Visual Systems Australia) decided to install Martin RUSH fixtures.

“We chose four RUSH MH5 profiles and four RUSH MH3 beams to compliment the system already in the venue,” said Alasdair Lockhart-Thomson from TAVSA. “We really like that they are low maintenance and have a low trim height so that they tuck up into the ceiling nicely. The power output from them, for their size, is quite impressive. The eight of them give us great coverage across the dancefloor, good effects against the mirror ball and also the rest of the room.”

Control is via a Martin LightJockey system.


MCEC grows with Clay Paky, Martin and ShowPro

Posted on Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

mcec_plenary_imagine_012 The lighting department at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre has boosted its stock with the recent acquisition of twelve Martin MAC Viper Profiles, twelve Clay Paky B-Eye K 10’s, four Clay Paky Alpha 700 HPE and sixty-four ShowPro LED Cyc RGBWA units.

These units were specifically chosen as a flexible production lighting solution for Plenary, both for corporate theatre sessions and entertainment concerts.

According to Michael Walker, the MCEC’s Infrastructure and Equipment Manager, customer demand was the primary driver behind the product selection.

“The popularity of the Clamcec_plenary_imagine_003y Paky Alpha series purchased in 2012 has seen demand increase for a more powerful fixture, that was suitable for our 5,500 seat Plenary theatre,” commented Michael. “The HPE 700’s were an easy decision to expand on our existing fleet due to high demand in our special event spaces.

“The Clay Paky B-Eye K 10 satisfied our needs for a simple wash light, with the added benefit of beam effects and pixel mapping. We like their brightness (particularly in such a small fixture), zoom capability and effects.”

Michael remarked that the MAC Viper was selected because it was small and powerful enough to be effective from their Front of House bridges, as well as rigged around Plenary. It is also readily available for hire when they need to supplement our in-house inventory. He says that their brightness, great gobo selection, and easy to change gobos for their customers’ customised gobos, make them popular with the crew.mcec_plenary_imagine_027

The ShowPro LED Cycs were purchased as part of MCEC’s continual commitment to reduce their environmental impact, while improving their quality of production.

“All of the new fixtures are performing reliably and are proving to be a popular choice amongst our customers,” said Michael. “They are quick, easy to transport and setup, and the macro modes provide spectacular looks in a quick turnover environment with minimum pre-programming time. To date, we’ve experienced perfect reliability from the units, and they are exceeding our expectations in the performance space. Due to the high turnover of events within MCEC, maintenance time is at a premium, so reliability is key for us.”

Michael further commmcec_plenary_imagine_010ented that Show Technology have provided excellent support, both pre and post-sale, with product experts available to provide advice to our lighting specialists.

“They provided a friendly and personalized service, and demonstrated a commitment to understanding our customer and business needs,” he said.




Martin Rig for Newcastle Exhibition and Convention Centre

Posted on Thursday, September 15th, 2016

nwests3 In another sign of urban renewal for Newcastle’s CBD, The Wests Group have opened the inner city’s largest exhibition and conference facility entitled NEX (Newcastle Exhibition and Convention Centre).

After the purchase of Newcastle Panther’s in mid-2015, The Wests Group has transformed the venue, relaunching the lower level as Wests City and the upper space as NEX.

The good people at Scion Audio were tasked to fit out the venue and having always preferred Martin lighting products, they turned to Show Technology for advice.

“We’ve always used Martin products as we know their reliability,” commented Louise Tillman of Scion. “I have MAC250’s that I’ve had for twenty years and I still send them out knowing they’ll work every time and do the job. The other f_dsc7672actor is the incredible service we have always received from Show Technology. Our relationship goes back to when the company started 22 years ago!”

Consequently the venue is equipped with four MAC Quantum Profile, twenty-four RUSH MH6 Washes, eight RUSH MH1 Profiles and a Robert Juliat Roxy follow spot, all controlled by a Martin M1 console.

“The main requirement in the brief given to us was to use LED fixtures and as it’s a large stage, we turned to the MAC Quantum Profiles as they have a great output,” added Louise. “In fact the output is very bright and crisp, plus the Animotion FX is really cool.”

Martin RUSH fixtures were added due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.

“The RUSH MH 6 Wash offers full colour wash and tight beam effects with the quality and affordability you’d expect,” said Louise. “The colours of the fixture are excellent. I really like the gobo selection with the RUSH MH1 and again, the output of the RUSH MH1 is amazing. T1111-355-276hey’re also quiet and relatively quick.”

The M1 console was chosen for its small footprint and abundance of playbacks on the control surface. The standard 10 cuelist faders and the 12 playback faders make it easy to control any show – plus it can control video too.

“It’s an easy console for our guys to operate,” Louise said. “They like the layout of the console and the ability to easily grab things on the fly.”

Keeping with the idea of an all LED venue, the new Robert Juliat Roxie LED followspot was installed. With its ultra-compact dimension and low power consumption, Roxie is ideal for this type of venue.


Kurilpa Bridge Shines Under a New Light

Posted on Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Providing a pedestrian and cycle crossing over the Brisbane River in Brisbane, Australia, Kurilpa Bridge connects Brisbane’s Central Business District with the city’s South Bank and its major cultural precinct. As the world’s largest structure based upon a ground breaking system of balanced compressive and tensile forces named “tensegrity”, Kurilpa Bridge is a 470m long multi-mast, cable-stay bridge with a 120m main span. The tensegrity principle was required and successfully implemented in order to minimize the deck thickness and ramp length, while creating a strong but agile structure.

While the geometry of the bridge is informal, the cables (in tension) and tubes (in compression) have been arranged with a structural rhythm, in order to deliver the strength and resilience required to carry thousands of pedestrians and cyclists. Kurilpa Bridge not only provides a new connection across Brisbane’s river but also forms a new public space. Namely, it features two large viewing and relaxation platforms, two rest areas and a continuous all-weather canopy, which has become a symbol for art, science, technology, and healthy living. Its structural elements seem to be floating in the air delivering to the bridge a completely new identity and a unique appearance. Its innovative architectural style and advanced technology have deeply transformed Brisbane’s image to that of a city rich in walking and cycling opportunities.

Completed in 2009, Kurilpa bridge has recently had its lighting system upgraded with a new GRIVEN LED lighting system specified by Cameron Gunning of Vision & Sound Technology (VAST), working close to Griven’s exclusive distributor in Australia, the ULA Group. The project was initialized and managed by Adam Axten from electrical contractors Stowe Australia.

Cameron Gunning Comments: ”Griven manufacture an excellent product that is very robust and reliable. The LED sources are extremely high quality with consistent colour matching across luminaires. Both fixtures offer very accurate optics and powerful output in a really compact housing. The slim line design of the Emerald and small footprint of the Ruby fixtures provides an unobtrusive addition to the bridge structure.”

At night, the bridge is lit up by a sophisticated LED lighting system, which can be programmed to produce an array of different lighting effects. Depending on the different lighting configurations, 75%-100% of the power required is provided by solar energy. Solar panels are mounted directly on top of the bridge, generating a daily output of 100KWh.

32 units of JADE 16 in RGBW colour configuration with narrow optics have been installed in carefully selected points of the bridge in order to enlighten its structure, made of huge metal tubes, up to the top. Moreover, 10 EMERALD RGBW with narrow optics have been mounted on the external cornices of the bridge to deliver a splash of coloured light to the whole structure. In order to avoid any unpleasant glaring effect to pedestrian and cyclists and to better direct the light beams, these fixtures have also been equipped with specially developed anti-glare shields.

JADE 16 RGBW is a newly engineered rounded spotlight, which houses sixteen high power RGBW LEDs, as well as in-built electronics and power supply unit. Providing a vibrant and brilliant colour palette from such a compact chassis, JADE 16 RGBW features functional efficiency whereas spectacularly dynamic lighting performance is assured by digital control of all functions, either onboard for standalone operation, with Master-Slave selectable for multiple unit synchronization, or from external DMX512 controller. The wide choice of selectable optics groups, ranging from narrow aperture beams to elliptical wide distribution, and the aiming orientation adjustment further enhance JADE 16 RGBW maximum flexibility for any surface mount application purpose. JADE 16 RGBW Polar Edition features an integrated de-icing system with electrically heated glass, which assures a comfortable functioning even in the utmost severe cold weather conditions.

Benefiting from state of the art electronic colour mixing, EMERALD RGBW features 60 premium quality high RGBW power LEDs, coupled with a variety of high build and design optics groups for the utmost optical efficiency, balanced projection and photometric flexibility. The combination of RGBW LEDs offers an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality, as well as a wider variety of intermediate colour hues for an even broader range of application purposes. Such a remarkable performance is enhanced by the capacitive touchscreen display that allows for a direct access to all on-board functions.


Over 3000 Anolis Arc Dots for Elizabeth Quay

Posted on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

Elizabeth Quay_8139 Over 3000 Anolis Arc Dot LED fixtures have been utilised in an eye-catching light sculpture “The Artists Edge” created by artist Stuart Green for the new landmark Elizabeth Quay development that reconnects the Swan River with the city of Perth, Western Australia, creating a brand new entertainment and leisure precinct.

The design specification and realisation of the work – which traces the outline of the actual water around the centre of the new Quay area – was undertaken and co-ordinated by David Sparrow of Perth based architectural and creative lighting specialist, Light Application.

Stuart Green has a penchant for imagining spectacular, bold and interesting public art works, many of them involving light, and The Artist’s Edge is a border of animated light around this inlet, invoking over a kilometre of double-sided acrylic track. Inside which the ArcDots – a Cree MC-E RGBW multichip based high powered multi-coloured LED pixel fixture – are mounted.

The work was commissioned by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA), a government entity charged with redeveloping major sections of the city, who also asked Light Application on-board to specify and deliver lighting for the entire area. This also currently includes 9 separate building sites which when completed will include new Westin and Ritz Carlton Hotels, offices and retail outlets.

The idea of using fully addressable light-sources for this element of the lighting scheme was originated jointly by David, Stuart and project architects ARM. All agreed that it would be a perfect solution to be able to feed the sourceElizabeth Quay_8530 with video content that would produce beautifully organic effects.

It also enables guest artists to produce content and clips that can be featured and the installation can be coloured for special events like breast cancer awareness and festive occasions like Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, etc.

From there, David specified the Anolis ArcDots.

It was the first time he had used this particular product, but having used Anolis in his work for about 12 years, he was fully confident that the product met all the criteria of reliability and quality engineering, and knew that he would receive excellent back up and support from Anolis’ Australian distributor, The ULA Group.

Another primary reason to go with Anolis was brightness. It needed to be visible from afar and especially from the magnificent view of downtown and Elizabeth Quay from Kings Park on the mount opposite.

The ArcDots are fixed to a plate under both edges of the double-sided acrylic cover of the tubes which snake all around the space, and the two sides are independently controlled for additional dynamics.

The ArcDot power supplies are in eight different locations spread around the Quay all linked via a fibre network back to the e:Cue Light Engine controller which is integrated to the site wide system lighting controller, allowing The Artist’s Edge to change colour together with lighting on the trees, foliage, bridge, walkways, street lights and elsewhere. There are currently over 4000 sources in the complete lighting scheme.Elizabeth Quay_8157

The Artist’s Edge switches on at 7 minutes after sunset and runs – slowing down a bit at midnight –  until 5 a.m. An anemometer is also linked into the control, triggering different shows created by the artist, which are played to match or contrast the weather based on wind speed and wave activity.

The Artist’s Edge leads these site-wide colour changing effects in all the other fixtures and David believes the overall scheme is the largest single intelligent lighting system installation in Western Australia to date.

Cuono Biviano, Managing Director of ULA Group comments: “We are extremely proud of being involved in this major redevelopment in Perth. As someone who has had a long history and passion for Perth, it has been a real honor to have our technology as the key visual center piece to Elizabeth Quay, the new prominent landmark of the city”.

“Working together with our long term trusted partner David and his team at Light Application is always a pleasure,Elizabeth Quay_6104” says Con. “Their ability of implementing the latest visual technologies into modern city structures is commendable. The Anolis ArcDots are the perfect fit for this project, offering total flexibility to create visual art and atmosphere to bring life to architecture and open space”.

The public reaction has been really positive – people love the Artist’s Edge and it also serves as a beacon to attract people to the area in which the first retail outlets, restaurants and bars are already open and trading.

“I’m delighted with the ArcDots,” says David, “They are extremely bright, rich in colour and evenly spread for a really smooth effect. The amount of intelligent control in this project has opened up new and exciting possibilities for multi-level lighting control here in Perth and elsewhere,” he concludes.


CHAUVET DJ Intimidators add zest to Spice Market

Posted on Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

sm5 In the heart of the central business district of Australia’s second largest city lies the popular Spice Market bar, ultra lounge, and  nightclub. Offering an eclectic programme of DJs, live performances, and award-winning food against a stunning backdrop of Indo-Asian design, the chic nightspot draws a diverse cross section of people. Recently, in hopes of continuing their longstanding success, owners Geremy and Dean Lucas decided to update and renovate their unique establishment, whilst adding a new dynamic visual spice.  Designer Sohail e. Najafi of Najafi Design Group, helped them accomplish this goal with a new comprehensive theatrical and effect lighting system that featured approximately 30,000 pixel-mapped LEDs and DMX-controlled flying automation, all supported by CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Spot LED 350 moving fixtures.

Najafi was initially faced with a couple of significant challenges when asked to enhance the exotic and theatrical environment of the club. “Given the varied programme of the venue, which transitions from an after work bar to posh ultra lounge and finally to a high energy dance club, I required a versatile fixture that was small, economical, and sm10feature-rich. At only 15 inches tall, the Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 350 worked masterfully,” commented Najafi.

Thanks to the impressive array of features included within the Spot 350’s arsenal, Najafi and his team were able to use the fixture to fulfill several roles. “The solid gobo selection is a great feature for creating beautiful washes of texture during early evening bar and lounge hours,” said Najafi. “Combined with the rotating three-facet prism, which features good overlap orientation, smooth gobo rotation, and a good assortment of colours, the same rig allowed for a whole manner of different looks and dynamic effects during the later nightclub hours. Also very useful was the impressive speed of the fixture and the commendable light output from the frugal 75W LED engine.”

Given the fact that the club often features live performances, Najafi alssm3o needed a fixture capable of properly key lighting talent. “The great light output, even field, and pleasant native colour temperature of the LED engine allowed me to successfully provide key light for several performance areas littered around the venue. As seen in the accompanying shots, we were able to create true theatrical stage looks in the middle of the action within the club, allowing our client’s guests to feel incredibly connected to the performances,” Najafi said. “As such, I was very pleasantly surprised at what I was able to accomplish with this plucky little fixture.”

Another of Najafi’s key considerations of the install regarded the relatively low ceiling height of the club itself. “As is the case in many intimate venues housed within larger properties — Spice Market is located within the Grand Hyatt Hotel — height is invariably a key problem when installing comprehensive lighting systems,” continued Nasm8jafi. “Thankfully, the compact 15-inch height of the Intimidator 350 fit very nicely hidden among the ceiling beams of the venue. Subsequently I was able to discreetly place each fixture so that they would not litter the beautiful architecture of the venue.”

Thanks to the Intimidator’s varied abilities as a compact atmosphere-shaping moving light, Najafi succeeded in giving Spice Market an extra dynamic twist to its nightly programme. “For the size of the fixture, the output, gobo and colour selection, speed and value are fantastic,” concluded Najafi. “The Intimidator truly exceeded all my expectations.”
Australian Distributor: AVE Audio Visual Engineering


Hog 4 for Revesby Workers’ Club’s Whitlam Theatre

Posted on Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Isaac Anvia and Al Pascual_email The Revesby Workers’ Club in south-west Sydney is a regular stop for premiere touring acts. Its concert venue, the Whitlam Theatre, seats 750 in ‘dinner mode’ and 1400 in theatre mode. The theatre is known for its big PA and excellent audio facilities, but, until recently, its lighting systems were struggling to keep up with the demands of modern touring acts. Happily, Revesby has changed all that with the purchase of High End System’s flagship Hog 4 console plus a Playback Wing 4, bringing their venue back in line with the best in Australia.

The Hog 4 replaces a lighting desk known and loved by an entire generation of lighting operators – a JandsHog 600, first released in 1996! Obviously way past its use-by-date, the JandsHog 600 will still be missed. “It uses floppy discs,” points out Phill Webb, Revesby’s Audio Visual Coordinator, “and obviously that’s not supported anymore! As you can see, it’s not often we get the chance to upgrade, so when we do, we invest in the best we can get. That’s why we went for the Hog 4. From our perspective, it was not only important that our regular operators like the platform, but also that we had something rider-friendly.”

Scott Masters, Customer Service Manager at consultants and integrators Saltec has worked closely with Revesby over the last few years to keep their facilities current for touring acts. “We’ve been doing some work in the auditorium to get them up to speed,” reports Scott. “The club is very serious about providing first-class services to their customers and the room was at risk of failing to meet this commitment. We started with a few infrastructure upgrades, a little lighting system work, some projection improvements, and then converting their audio to digital. With all the new LED lighting fixtures in use, they needed to look at the standard fRevesby Workers Club 2_emailor touring acts. We went down the Hog path, because most of the touring artists coming through are set up for Hog.”

It’s not just industry acceptance that drove the decision. “Our other argument for getting a new console is that the venue has 120 channels of dimmers and not one LED fixture,” explains Phill Webb. “We’ve got great dimming infrastructure but poor DMX infrastructure, so that’s got to be our next step. We talked to the financial staff at the club and told them we could save a lot of money by getting rid of the traditional fixtures and installing LEDs, explaining that by doing so, the fixtures use a lot less power and we’d be running the air conditioning a lot less. They liked that idea!”

With its two massive touchscreens, extensive channels and universes, pixel mapping capabilities and vast capacities for physical expansion via USB and Ethernet, the Hog 4 has future-proofed the Revesby Workers’ Club. The addition of the Payback Wing 4 expands the number of motorised faders in the system to twenty plus two masters, and adds another 15.6 inch touchscreen. “A lot of our shows involve busking,” continued Phill. “We like more faders, and tend to throw everything to a fader and run the show that way.”

Australian High End Systems distributor Lexair Entertainment are key to Revesby and Saltec’s peace-of-mind. “Lexair have been really helpful,” relates Scott Masters. “They’ve done everything they could possibly do to support this sale. They’re always there when we need to ask technical questions or need to follow-up on bits and pieces. I would recommend Lexair for anyone looking to purchase.”